Not going to live forever

You recently told me that “I was not going to live forever.” My first thought was Damn Grim Reaper is in the House! Second thought was well no one does! Third thought and perhaps the most earnest; who would want to? Then after I took the bait and really started to think about it all sorts of things entered my mind about being an Eternal. The idea of outliving everyone that you know and have grown to love, hate or compromise with in this life would very be a very sad life and very lonely existence. Think back to your youth and what the world looked like. How much of it is not there anymore? Waxing nostalgia about the past is only realistic if you can do it with someone who appreciates what has gone by the wayside as well as you. A popular theme in many current tomes investigates the lives of characters given the opportunity to live well beyond their years. How do they deal with countless days? For one thing, many try not to fall in love because sadness and loss are tied to every relationship. The person with endless life knows how it all ends all too well. Even though every sixty years or so you can start over there is always the feeling of remorse. Not the same as knowing if you buy a dog that in seven years you will need another. Our social selves are more of who we are then even the greatest hermit among us is willing to admit. How would you feel about your life if you knew life had a built-in do-over?   I guess if you should ever hear someone tell you that;  “You are not going to live forever,” you realize what a blessing that really is.