Still on Time

So as I see it our discussion on time got a wake up call the other day!  While we were dancing with the semantics of time; i.e. it flies, it was, it goes on and on, there came a knocking at our door!  Sort of like when Martin Luther dealt that symbolic blow that began the Reformation by nailing his Ninety-Five Theses to the door of theWittenberg Church heralding that, “a change is going to come, you had better listen.”  For on our doorsteps we find a bulletin from a group, signed the Atomic Scientists. Da who? The group that calls themselves, “the Atomic Scientists,” of course,  consisting of no less that some of the greatest minds in the world; Stephen Hawking for one.  So what did they do? They moved the Doomsday Clock ahead two minutes. 

Wholly crap. Two minutes. Grab the kids Anne, let’s get out of here. Do you mean to tell me,  that the clock which has been on a slow countdown since 1947 is now only 5 minutes away from midnight, the bewitching hour” A time when all hell will supposedly be breaking loose climatically speaking. That, Doomsday? Yes, the same Doomsday whence we all find ourselves suddenly living in downtown Kabul or in bunkers hunkering down as the earth goes through a new ice age! Or for the more politically conservative, a point in time when we become culturally speaking; toast!   And what did this group of highly educated/aware scientist’s base the need for moving the clock ahead on us?  Well, on two things; the way us fossil fuel guzzling, SUV driving, 24 hr Wall Mart Shopping citizenry have been treating Mother Earth as of late and the effect that has had our climate and secondly on the fact there are, 27,000 nuclear weapons out there with at least 2,000 ready to go in Fox News minute.  By the way, if you’re wondering how often they adjust the ol Tic Tock, its not very calming to learn that since its inception in 1947 the clock has only moved 17 times before last week. Jack Bauer where are you when we need you! Oops I forgot last week not even Jack Bauer could stop the evil villains from throwing the switch. 

 So what can we do? Same thing we could always do. Act responsibly. Sure, maybe you don’t need to buy an SUV that will carry your large keister to the gym two times a week for a ten minute workout, or really burn that dusk to dawn light every night! The answers are as varied as we are. For sure, thinking globally and acting locally is not only the right thing to be doing, but something you can do now. Yes little ol you.   When you sit down to eat you dinner tonight did you know that the average distance food traveled to get to your table was around 1,500 miles! Eat a little closer to home next time! Less energy expended, healthier world achieved!  So why scare us, talk to the government. Well the scientist feel it is their duty and responsibility to speak to those in power and that those in power have a responsibility to act!  One should remember the old Mongolian saying that goes, when speaking truth to power, keep one foot in the stirrup. Because I know a dozen people who are reading this saying, well, it’s not my fault! But it is. 

We like to say, hey it is the government. Not us. But folks we are the power here. We are the ones making choices that burn the co2; we are the ones who make five trips to the store, when if only we did a little planning we could have done it in one! You will undoubtedly tonight be besieged with at least thirty products to buy while watching your evening entertainment. Do you need to go out and buy them all?

 Last years major book, “The World is Flat”, by Thomas Friedman, gave us a scenario where India and Pakistan stood on the brink of nuclear disaster till some folks picked up the phone and said. Whoa… India is not some back water country on the other side of the planet, it’s where I get my Dell Service questions answers, My JC Penny Car account straightened out and for Christ sake a vital link between me and the hamburgers ordered at the drive up window here in town! Someone tell them to knock this nuclear stuff off. And they did!!   People are the moving force in making the world change. Personally I’m not anticipating the ball dropping to midnight for this particular New Year’s celebration nor should you be. We can turn the clock back; something I am sure that no one thinks can be done. It’s our choice. Do we keep on dancing as the ship goes down or do we take our case to the captain and demand a change in course, for the good of all?  We have had all the time in the world to change, and we haven’t, and now that the ball is dropping time is a wasting, what are we going to do?


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