Time Lost

Dallas Texas ;

    Joe Bieger a beloved husband, father, grandfather and assistant high school athletic director went for a walk with his two dogs in tow last fall and somehow just disappeared. He was discovered almost a month later some twenty miles from home, holes in his shoes, a full gray beard and twenty five 25 pounds thinner; both bewildered and confused and not sure who he was by someone that recognized him near a construction site not far from where Joe was having a house built.  

    In the last few months, he has partially regained his memory and has now returned to work. Visibly shaken by the events of the month away he remembers only bits and pieces of the time lost; such as being searched by police officers looking for a pizza robber and of spending time in a smoky bowling alley. He also remembers waking up outdoors in parks and even under a construction trailer. His doctors have diagnosed what happened to him as a psychogenic fuge; a very rare form of amnesia. 

    Lucky to be alive, Joe now feels he was brought back because God has a purpose for him. Okay, that works. But lucky is an understatement. I mean after all, this guy took off wondering in one of the most dangerous cities of United States sans money, wallet personal identity, and no Starbucks free coffee card, not anything. And from what doctors are saying, he didn’t know enough to know he was lost? 

    When one reads this type of stuff, you can’t help but wonder, could it happen to you? Sure it could happen to you, anyone of us. Joe now carries a cell phone with him at all times that has an “ICE” feature in the memory. EMT’s and police now look for this if they find you unconscious or incapable of responding. Not a bad idea. So why not break out the phone and make a list people you want to be notified if something was to happen to you in case of an emergency and list it under contacts as, ICE.”  

    Actually the time lost doing it, might be the best use of lost time you ever did…..

One thought on “Time Lost

  1. Good stuff George. I will do that. So is that like a phone number listing you call ICE? Hate to sound techno ignorant, but when it comes to cell phones……

    Things like this are nothing new…. But when you find someone walking the streets with no ID – it must make the finder frustrated (EMTs et el) when there is no clue – when you know that people could have a clue. So their first encounter with you could a positive one – which would affect treatment – no?

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