Time Recycled

Just when it seems we have no idea what time holds for us, we get a reminder how recycled time can be some-time. Most of us know that when you are dealing with politicians, the experience can be recycling at best. Remember reading AL Gores, Earth in the Balance? It was a pretty good book as I remember. So I wasn’t too surprised when I read that, Al Gores, “An Inconvenient Truth” has become a critical box office success, taking in more than $24 million to make it the third highest-grossing documentary in the history of film and that Al and the film are up for an Academy Awards! Wholly cow, strap your boots on Bertie, its going to get deep in here real quick! 

 Granted Al’s movie has finally brought to the attention of the masses the reality of  Global warming, but before we start playing for he’s a jolly good fellow, I got to step into the way back machine with Mr. Peabody. We can set the date to 1992 and find Al as an active politician, stomping for the vote. A time when the Al & Bill show came through East Liverpool, Ohio and folks around here bought Al’s speeches about the environment and how important it was to protect lock stock and barrel. At last we were going to have an Environmental President and Vice who cared about the air the little guy, was breathing. And if ever a town needed someone with some clout in Washington, East Liverpool Ohio, sure did.  

At the time, we were literally tied to the rail road tracks, and the hazardous waste industry had our lives in its sights. Employment was low; no it was dam near non existent. The property was polluted, and the geography for such a plan, could not have been worse. The plant was t sit on a 500.000 gallon oil spill aquifer and its proposed stack would be even with street level of an elementary schools front door 1.ooo foot away! And to top it off, there was no history of citizen organizations that opposed Incineration for hundreds of miles! We were in trouble but then, along came

Well we got run over anyway; they built the plant. Al looked the other way while we fought it for almost ten years, and lost. Al doesn’t come around anymore and you should know the incinerator is still actively pumping out tons of Dioxin all over the community. To this day, people still drop their jaws in disbelief that they built it where they did. But build it the did, without as much as a protest, from good old Enviro Al. 

Jim Hightower in 2000 summed up Al the Enviro best when he said, “he wears a cloak of green, into which he has sewn large pockets inside, to store all the campaign funds slipped to him by oil, chemical, developer, timber, mining, agribusiness, and other polluting interests. From the first days of the Clinton- Gore administration, Mr. Environment began sniffing the money and backing off, refusing to throw any hard punches at the polluters.”   

It seem like only yesterday, Al stood toe to toe with East Liverpool Ohio Residents, Chester West Virginia Residents and Concerned Environmentalist from
Pennsylvania and said, “No, this will not happen.” As far as the folks who still live in my old neighborhood are concerned, he should have got his Academy Award in 92’ for playing environmentalist in a cruel world gone awry! 
For more what happened back then, take a look ere. ( http://archive.salon.com/politics2000/feature/2000/04/26/gore/index.html)


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