Time is moslty made of choices…

 I once read an interesting story about some people trying to get themselves into an insane asylum. Seems back in the Middle Ages, the thought of being locked up and declared insane was a better life than trying to make it on the outside in the winter without roof or decent food. So the powers that be, to save the institution from being overrun by the sane, derived a test to separate the insane from the sane.

They took everyone that knocked on their door for admittance, and lead them into a room where on one wall several open spikets were running wide open, pouring water all over the floor. On the other side of the room were stacks of mops and buckets. After each applicant was left alone in the room, the doctors watched. The insane immediately went over and got buckets and mops and tried to clean up the water while the sane, merely went over and shut the water off.

So when I heard the other day that the President had asked for another 200 or so Billion dollars for
Iraq I immediately thought of the test! It doesn’t take much to figure out his policy is to continue buying a lot of buckets and mops! The Democrats, whom we were counting on to at least shut a few of the spikets off, seem also totally focused on how much to spend for buckets; just not as many!  

When this whole thing started the plan it appears was to destroy the infrastructure of the country. Once we did that, we sent all the people who ran the government packing and then went about spending billions training new policemen to take over so we can get our troops out! That is our mark of success according to every news cast I hear. Once the police take over, we are gone!

I’m still trying to picture what democracy is going to look like in the new police state of
Iraq! But that aside, its time to stop the insanity! We either just leave or hope what happened the last time we did that to a country, the killing fields of Cambodia come to mind or we wade over and start shutting of spikets.

To do that we are going to have to find the people who ran the government before and bring them back. To start to do that we need to worry less about training the police force and more about rebuilding a decent building to get a drivers license in. And above all we need to start a dialogue that brings neighboring countries in to rebuilt; not blow up. And the only way we start doing any of this is to admit we can’t solve this problem on our own.

Right now given our present course of action, we are playing the part of the man trying to find a corner to go to the bathroom in, in a round building. And quite frankly; there is no relief in sight!


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