Time Changes

Fear of change is big deal for some people. But escaping change is hard to do. I know you have heard some one say, “I don’t want to try that, cause doing it this way is perfectly fine for me,” And one of my favorites, “that’s okay I will stick with my way, cause that way is just too complicated!”


How many people do you know who hold onto a moments of time in their lives and somehow seem to get stuck to it? It’s easy to do. It’s safe and comforting. I wouldn’t say its human nature to want to stay up in the tree but change is never easy no matter how progressive you are. Kind of like that weight commercial that is all over the TV now. You know, lady has her scale attached to her leg and drags it everywhere she goes!


But here in
America, reminiscing and holding on to the past is tough to do. Given the constant doses of consumerism that are fed to us at every turn; how can we be happy if we don’t buy! Implied in the buying, is get rid of the old. Getting rid of the old is change!


The average person sees around 3,000 advertisements a day!  “Well, Eddy was happy with the 25 inch screen and then the 32, and then the 45 and now the 52 but wow, he Damn near wets himself when he gets to watch football on the 110 flat screen! And it’s all HD!”… You get the picture. The fact that Eddy couldn’t afford the 32 inch TV should have no effect on his willingness to purchase the 110, which comes with special cable up-grades requiring another sixty or so out of the monthly budget. It is no wonder the average American family carries around $9,000 in continuous credit card debt. Who’s to blame; Eddy or the corporations trying to make a buck?


What provoked this boomer to take a new look at our spending habits, is the latest operating system to hit my desk.
Vista! Try walking through the Best Buy and miss this one. Now in days gone by; I would have had that puppy out of the box and installed faster than you can say, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. But you know, I don’t want to go through all the stuff that comes with change this time. You know, hope the program works with all the other programs, as well as the I-pod and then, re-set the e-mail and re-configure the thing-a-ma-jiggy that is next to the modem!


I guess for me the tipping point keeps getting raised higher and higher for new purchases as of late and from what I hear, I’m not alone!

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