Time Alone…

 We live in an epigone era. Fact not fiction, says author Will Smith in a fantastic book titled, “Why Bother?” Smith, an in tune individual, could hardly be called a man wanting to turn his back on humanity as the title suggest, but tells us from the get go that life seems to have lost a bit of the zip, it use to have. Epigone means; a poor copy of a copy. His hard and sometimes rudely awaking view of our times is a wake up call we all need to heed. This attempt to enlighten and encourage us to make some sense of the chaos that has become the world around us is informative and eye opening.  It’s not going to be easy.  But to coin a popular phrase, we have to “Git er done!”   I know a lot of Boomer aged men and women that have checked out both physically and mentally over the years. It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race. Mortgage, kid’s education, school costs, retirement savings, and all the other things that fill you day’s quest for funding. Not sure but someone once said, even if your in the rat race your still a rat! Which sorely means someone is getting the short end of the stick. Is it you? If you missed the Adam Sandler film, “Click it,” trust me, you need to rent it. Especially if every now and then you get the feeling life is passing you buy. Cruel fact of life is that we all make deals with the devil to get the things we think are important and payback; well you know how it ends. 

Robert Putman wrote a great book called “Bowling alone” a few years back. A statisticians dream come true. But numbers aside, he asks the question why we are doing everything alone anymore. Why are we just mailing it in, instead of getting involved like our parents generation did? The finger gets pointed at the usual suspects of course such as the tube and video world we seem to have become joined to hip to over the last thirty years. But the cold hard reality of it all is that, yea; we are retreating to living our lives with a smaller and smaller circle of friends. That can’t be good.

The fewer people you know and trust, the easier it will be to convince you of anything. Fewer resources to check things out with, greater the risk of loosing your freedom. Cyber leap there Rocco, but hey, figure it out. You put people in isolation so you can convince them to come along to your way of thinking. If they do it on their own, hell your half way there! There is hope though. The company that hosts this site, boast that there are over 900,000 Bloggers hosted on this site. Each one like ours, a small community of readers who share similar goals and ideas, about lots of things, not just time ! Hopefully they are openly discussing their thoughts on their Bloggs ( you can if you want to!)  I can only hope that I haven’t gone from Bowling Alone, to Blogging Alone!  

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