Time in Chaos

Up to now, we have been peeling away at time as if it was an Onion. Time like the Onions skin always leads into more Onion without any significant breaks in continuum or substance. Jeez Louise, you’re starting sound like a physics professor. Rest assured I’m not, but these things happen when you ask questions and where would we be if we didn’t ask questions?


We have seen so far, that Time can be remembered in bits and pieces; go both fast or slow, get stuck or run out and take on an almost imaginary life of its own. Yet, still despite these revelations remain true to one golden rule:  it has order to it. The past proceeds the now and tomorrow lies ahead in the future. That’s our model. But is that the only way it can work? Is there another model for time?  

Heresy you say!  Well for years doctors never washed their hands between operations and infections ran rampant. Then along came a doctor who proposed the theory that if they washed their hands, maybe the infections would diminish. Of course he was drummed out of the profession and sent off to the asylum; what a shame. But we know now, the question wasn’t his downfall, fear of a different answer was.


Enter the world of Quantum physics. Margaret J. Wheatly author of “Leadership and the New Science’, who tells us about a lot of models we should be looking into for ideas when it comes to organizational theory. Her expertise lies in looking at organizational structures in chaos and how that chaos might not be the worst thing that could happen. She suggests that the problem lies with the observer, not with what is being observed. Big thing in Quantum Physics is that the Observer, changes everything.  Chaos in organizations is not necessarily the enemy, but something we need to embrace with open arms. The idea that systems are not solely independent of their environment, but complex integrally related relationships existing independently and co dependently on each other at the same time is revolutionary. What we thought was disorganization, was in reality, the organization getting the job done the most efficient way possible.


Let’s face it, to throw chaos into our Time model, is tantamount to introducing the antichrist at Mass next Sunday during visitor introductions. The past is the past; the now is the now and the future is the future. We can easily agree there is a relationship here, and our model supports it. But what if the future effected the now and the now effected the past? Or that they all exist at the same time and are affecting each other all the time?  Whoa cowboy, that’s a mouthful.


That would be chaos now wouldn’t it. I’ll end this with one of my favorite Einstein quotes, “No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it!” Think about it. Take all the Time you want. Can you learn something today that changes the way you thought about it yesterday? More on this in the next post.…

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