Time to get wet

 Imagine if you will a street filled with a series of randomly placed water filled pot holes; should be easy for any one from Pittsburgh. Your job is to get from one side of the street to the other and depending on our choices you may get pretty wet crossing. I should let you know that the potholes are of different depths and when you do finally arrive at the other side you will have invariably experienced both shallow and deep puddles.  A word of caution as well; that being, given your own human frailties you may decide that some of the puddles are just so deep that once you get involved in crossing one, you longer actively try to get to the other side.   

Now you’re a quick one, you probably can see where I am going here. If not, take a peek across the isle, Bills got the answer. The puddles represent the comings and goings of life we go through getting from birth to death. Call them the experiences of your life if you like, but to have lived is to have experienced the water, both deep and shallow. You know  things like, the birth of a child, first mortgage, first haircut, last bloody nose, passing of a parent, new job, last oil change, college days, near death experiences all coming together to shape what you will  call; your lifetime. To get stuck is to never quit mourning the death of a loved one to the point you don’t function as you anymore or like getting stuck in the sixties and still wearing your leisure suit to parties and yes to even write letters to the editor telling the pot smoking hippie liberals to start supporting President Bush’s war in Iraq! 

That you can get stuck or permanently affixed in one of the puddles is both the beauty and the pitfalls of life. It may come as surprise in knowing that you’re not going to go through a puddle that no one has ever stepped into before. Sorry, even if I put you in a rocket and flew you to the moon, it’s been done. I make this point to show you the model of time that we have been playing with is not mercurially in as much order or as indolent as we thought it was. The puddles are experiences we all share; in a certain order, but because of our freewill, randomly encountered in even the best of planned lives. How we react is a matter determined by us the observer. Hmmn, there is that Quantum Physics saying again; it’s the observer who calls the shots. So life truly is in the eye of the beholder. 

And your point is, sir? Well the experiences of your future are out there. They exist if we choose them or not. So the idea in our model that the future never comes is a reality we don’t have to agree to. Somewhere out there we all win the lotto! But just as likely as any of the other possibilities of what tomorrow holds somewhere out there I can get Cancer, especially if I smoke. That understanding if I am smart, should effect how I will act today. Addiction aside, I have seen and understand the future, therefore I change my behavior today. In fact I will go you one step more, and say that in accepting the future and the consequences of my action today, I have changed my past. Quit smoking years ago. Get the point. This model of time is working in reverse. 

Models are like records, they can be broken.  You turn….


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