Time to Focus

Have you seen the popular Ameriprise investment commercial featuring Dennis Hopper yet? He chides us about our retirement plans. I mean after all, there is no way our retirement is going to look anything like our parents retirement did, now is it?  

Probably not since most of us who have worked for corporations for thirty or so years know people who have seen their pension cut or sold off to the highest bidders. Some have seen what they thought was a solid 401 k’s dissipate into the haze of a corporate merger. We‘ve also seen die hard economics dissolve away most of what we thought would be a great little nest egg. For sure some have benefited, but by and by if your like me, the closer I get to retirement age, the further it seem to move away.  

An age wave such as ours doesn’t go through any age without changing a lot of this and that’s, and although we have gone about the business of raising children, spending thirty years in jobs and managed to get a bit smarter and at times act a lot dumber, we have for the most part a whole new world ahead for us, that quite frankly most of us haven’t’ got a clue as to what our place in it will be. 

Back to Hopper; he compliments us on what we have done with our time up till now. Hinting that we have done everything else different, we certainly aren’t going to retire by the book, at least the book we learned to read growing up!  He’s probably right. This age wave we have all been a part of once dubbed the Pepsi generation taint going to go sit on the sidelines and collect welfare checks. But we sure are not going to rush off to Florida to buy Condo’s either. I can still remember graduation from high school thinking that after four years of college I’d get a teaching job paying a solid, 27,000 a year and would be set for life!  I need not worry though; Hopper assures us that if I still want to invest properly there shouldn’t be any problems.


 I can still take that road trip, start that company I always wanted to, and have enough socked away to take up paintingNorth Carolina sea oats if I want to.  I may also get to go broke spending  my retirement nest egg on health care issues. Oops, didn’t’ see that last one. Time has a funny way of creeping up on you, and well, for many of us the writing is on the wall. 

So for some and I would venture to say, no for most of us this is a time to focus on the time we think we have left and what it will cost us to do what we enjoy.



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