Time and Coincidence

I’m a firm believer that there are no such things as coincidences. Recently while shopping I came across a veritable vault of Time pieces; no, not at the jewelry store but in the latest edition of “Wired” magazine. And since I find myself thinking of Time 24/7, I knew I just had to take a look at the  magazine when it caught my eye, and I found some pretty interesting material.

On pg 106, I found, Einstein’s thoughts on Time and a general explanation that he thought time was an illusion. Time the great prestidigitator. He felt that the past, the present and the future are all figments of our imagination established by our minds to help us keep it all from happening at the same time. Good brain, keep it up!

Then I hit the mother lode on page 124. The article titled, “Why can’t we grow body parts,” seemed a bit out of place with anything to do with Time, but wow was I wrong. Did you know if you cut the leg off of a Salamander, a new one grows back? Cool. But why cant’ we do that? Hmm…  If we loose a leg we have lost a leg. Seems our cells do not have the ability to go back in Time and rebuild themselves like the Salamanders do.   ” It’s as if the Cells go back in time and then retrace their steps to assemble a new organ or limb.”  They go back in time and rebuild themselves. They go back in time, awesome. In essence not only do they know where they came from, they can go back home again, set up shop and restart the whole process over.  

But for us, Time is a trip to Las Vegas; what goes there, stays there. There is no going back. You remember the song, Time Passages, by al Stewart I am sure. The opening line goes, “It was late in December, The sky turned to snow, and all round the day was going down slow……I felt the beat of my mind, go drifting into time passages,” Well that was playing on the musak in the store when I came across the magazine.  Aha, those time passages. Coincidences I think are sign posts in those time passages we find ourselves meandering though everyday. I’m sure you have wondered down a few yourselves. Either, skipping along through the past, daydreaming into the future or when having that great epiphany while eating breakfast cereal!

So as you’re traveling, meandering or thinking of wasting some time this weekend, keep your eyes and ears open…. You never know. Oh and one other thing I picked up. Did you know it takes a human being on average 364 to 411 licks to get the core of the tootsie roll pop? Now that’s information!


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