Time of bewilderment

 I recently read where they lost a billion dollars in Iraq. No they didn’t build some terrible building that has poor pluming and a leaky roof (they do those all the time for less), nor did they conduct some campaign that failed miserably, although they have done that as well with quite a few more billion or two in the past. This time, they actually lost the billion dollars. 

What they did was fly a 757 loaded with fresh one hundred dollar bills into Baghdad and forget to lock the doors! Imagine if you will someone pulling up to your house and setting a truck load of money, and I mean a big truckload of green on your doorstep and everyone in charge walking away. How long do you think before this cash becomes lost and yours and the neighbors favorite ATM machine! Well, they did pretty much that inIraq a few years ago. No one knows who got the money or did anyone ask for an IOU.  It’s just gone. Puff, just like that, and to make matters worse, the present attitude inWashington, is pretty much, so what! It’s really hard for any one with a grain or two of sanity to have confidence in what is going on over there when those in charge don’t seem to have a grasp on what they are doing.

Just today I received several e-mails from the community alerting me to the fact that some generals are going to quit if we so much as lean toward going intoIran. Hmmm. Believe that when I see it.  But all in all you got to admit the arrogance starting from the top on down is pretty hard to ignore or condone, either silently or publicly with our present polices in this war. 

 I guess that’s why I should not be surprised to learn about, the use of “signing statements.” What are those you say? Well, the way the three branches of government are suppose to work are, and these were not guidelines but the law, was that the legislative wrote it; the President saw that it got done and the judicial made sure it was all legal. Well that’s the way it used to work. Enter the, “signing statement.”  It seems the President now can interpret the law as he sees fit and that his interpretation are what gets carried out. Not kidding here, this is real stuff about protecting your rights and how we got in this mess in the first place. For a list of how this has been working, check out the Boston Globes report; (http://www.boston.com/news/nation/articles/2006/04/30/bush_challenges_hundreds_of_laws/and see for yourself. While you’re at it, why not make emergency preparedness a game for your kids. Click on this site and learn how.  (http://www.ready.gov/) Check out the children’s section. If you get the feeling as of late that we Americans are now a bunch of lemmings headed for the sea screaming the sky is falling, maybe just maybe you’re not that far off base.

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