Time of Flow

Ever find yourself doing something and before you knew it, it was over? Like going to a movie or playing golf for me. Things that were bugging me seem to disappear for a while.   

Some say it as if, everything else stops and you are mentally in a time capsule of sorts; totally focused. And if the feeling is strong enough, your tooth doesn’t hurt, you’re not worrying about Aunt Martha’s visit nor do you care if it’s snowing outside for the umpteenth day in a row. Nor do you care if we send troops or if we don’t send troops. If Rummy is gone or is staying or if you didn’t or if you did! 

We all need this kind of time….what is commonly referred to as, “Flow time.” We all need to find ways to stop the clocks for a minute or two. How can you stop time? Well if you think about it you have many many clocks ticking away in your pocket. One is ticking away telling you that breakfast was at eight and lunch is about an hour way. Another clock is ticking away saying you have three hours of work in and you got another six to go. You have another clock telling you that it’s Wednesday and it is not as close to Friday a you would like. You get the picture. Few of us thought the comedian who was famous for spinning six or seven plates at the same time, would be a metaphor for adulthood. But it’s true, we are just too busy and scared to death we are going to drop a plate. 

And all those clocks all ticking at the same time is what we call today, “stress.” To bad we aren’t Capt Hook and have men we can order to gather up all the times pieces and have them silenced. Did you think Peter Pan was a children’s tale? No it’s about time; lost, found and appreciated, and the bedtime story is aimed at us. Loosing ones shadow means we have lost who we are. Is it possible to find your shadow again? I think so, but you got to know you lost it first. 

So how do we at least silence the clocks for awhile? How do we find the sun again? Taking a good deep breath helps. It also helps to be able to get yourself into an activity that is an end in itself such as your favorite game; one movie, one book, one walk, one job at a time.  In his fantastic book on Flow, Dr Mihaly Csikszenmihalyi (pronounced “chick-sent-me-high-ee”) explains that in our society we have been ingrained into thinking of nothing but the future. “We grow up believing what counts the most in our lives, is what will happen in the future.” If that is so, then who has time for today? How do we give any importance to what we need to do today to make ourselves happy? We take the time, to make it so number “1.”   

Ralph Waldo Emerson sums up our lives pretty much, “We are always getting to live, but never living.”  So unless we start finding no demanding some, “Flow time,” all the blood pressure medication, Pepsid AC and valium are not going to help us deal with what we find on our plates and that would be such a waste especially when you don’t get any re-do’s in this life of time…..  


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