Time to get into your head

It used to be a common saying that the best way to get into a mans heart was thorough his stomach. Today we can add to that, the best way to get into your wallet is though you head. And there are some really interesting was of doing that as of late. You carry a cell phone don’t you? Besides providing you with an easy means of connecting to others, it also provides advertisers with a means of connecting with you. It won’t be long before, you will be receiving coupons on your cell phone. Then you can download the coupons or e-mail them to a computer at the store and bingo, you just saved a nickel! 


The phone also sends out a signal that can be used to trip sensors along the road you’re taking on the way to anywhere. No not to tell you the road is curvy, but they could if there was money in it, but to tell the billboard ahead here comes Joe Smoh and he buys Lottie Cola. Suddenly that big ever changing billboard illuminates with the latest Lottie Cola ad, and points out the nearest store for you to get it at. And before your taillights pass the end of the board, it’s changing for Shirley Purchase who’s in a car behind you who is fond of Minnie Maw, Pet foods. You get the picture; advertising designed for you.  

And then there is the card you carry around that gives you gas discounts when you shop at    certain supermarket. Soon when you enter a grocery store a screen on your buggy will light up and welcome you by name. It will have a list of all the purchases you have made in the past and present you with an onscreen grocery list as well as point out bargains in the lines along with the location of your favorite purchase. Already being done in Massachusetts at the Stop and Shop Supermarkets! Whatever happened to home delivery? 

Given the fact that our choices for information and entertainment seem to be multiplying at exponential numbers, we can only think that what lies ahead for us is going to be just wonderful or total chaos. As we have seen, change is hard, and even harder if you like what you are doing and don’t want to change. If you have a few minutes, click on the following shortcut and sit back and enjoy the future.  


 Most of my information for this post came from, “A Perfect Mess” by Abrahamson and Freedman; you can find the full title and authors name in the book section of the Blog as well as a few other great books that will be well worth your time & attention.

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