Time without a past

As most gamblers are already aware; when you roll dice the probability of what number will come up has nothing to do with any previous rolls of that same die.  So says my college statistics teacher and the fellow instructing me on how not to loose my money in Vegas. I think I knew this but it sounded strange when I heard him say, “The dice have no past.” Each roll is a fresh roll. Short of joining the witness protection plan you and I should be so lucky, but even so, the idea that the dies have no past is an interesting concept; in fact it’s quite governmental!   The human race is here today because it can remember the past and because of lessons learned we all act accordingly. It’s how we survived the Ice age. Of course there are some who never learn no matter how hard the lesson. The saying power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely is so true. So when it comes to gambling and government it appears each roll of the die is anyone’s game.  

Not everything is a made for TV drama. People with power can and do abuse it. And when they do and it affects us all, and someone needs to stand up and say, “Wrong!” It’s a song and dance game that has one wondering where all of our investigative reporters have gone as of late. NBC news regularly runs a feature called, “The Fleecing of
America,” but no one seems to take the information to task and correct what they find out. Like the die, our collectively memory of the misdeeds seems to have no past and each show as if it is the first.
  I remember Watergate and the how the country got dam mad about it and heads rolled. But today each new indictment or allegation seems completely oblivious to the ones that went before. In the last three weeks alone we have seen, the Walter Reed Scandal, Scooter Libby, and now the Gonzales firings. You barely have time to catch your breath and when you do it’s almost hard to remember what went before. As with each role of the die; each indictment concluded means we start all over again and culturally if that isn’t a red flag we need to be aware of, I don’t know what is.  The recent conviction of Libby wasn’t dry on paper yet, and the news casters were all hedging bets on when the pardon would come. Even though he lied and is now a convicted felon. Granted we got Martha and she will never vote again, is our justice system serving us or just a way to rubber stamp the guilty with a get out of jail card? Experience is still the best teacher; too bad it has to be your own to be appreciated. The dice may have no past, but you do, so don’t forget it. We are all betting on you!


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