TIme Used Vocabulary

             Learning new words can be fun. It is also fun to make up a few of your own. Such as what do you call it when all the numbers on a clock are the same? 11:11 or 3:33; I call it a  Knacks. No one else calls it that, but I do, so no harm done. New words going into the latest dictionaries include; mouse potato, spyware, supersize, and unibrow just to name a few. Plus new usage of our present vocabulary goes on every day.  How many have waited while their screens populated? What? Yeah. As you can see meanings are changing, new words are coming at us left and right, and as we try to understand what others are saying, we often find ourselves scratching our heads going, it means what?   

            For example, how do you feel about bio-solids? Sounds okay; actually might be a good thing. I mean if I dumped a load of bio-solids on your yard the grass might get greener; don’t send the kids out to play just yet. Actually I’d be dumping sewage sludge on your yard. How do you feel about collateral damage? Easy enough to say; sadly it means anyone who gets too close to an explosion is going to get hurt or killed and too bad for them, not our fault. A word used a lot by the military when they are trying to cover up killing innocents who just happened to be walking by minding their own business. One of my favorites is linguistic Detoxification. It means, when a toxic waste crosses from one state to the other, it somehow changes from a bad bad load of waste, to a not so bad bad load of waste which you can then go ahead and dump anywhere you want. Here in Pennsylvania we pioneered that word.   

            Although as deceitful as words can be, we still have many situations we have no words to describe what is going on. Anyone with a good mind and decent understanding of the mess America is currently in with its continual flushing of money and lives into a war that has neither end nor basis in sanity has got to be wondering what word fits here? Throwing your hands in the air and yelling ahla ahla ahla…just will not cut it. What do you call it when an aide to one senator has the power to sneak a little known amendment (a few specially chosen words,) into a bill which inturn becomes the law of the land without anyone saying anything about it? What word would you use to describe that?

            While your pondering new words and four letter ones are not allowed, enjoy some of new and oxymoron’s of the day; and no President Bush isn’t one.  Words such as; enemy combatant, military intelligence, continued –victory, accident forgiveness, active reserves and my favorite a compassionate conservative. For a great list, check them all out at (http://www.oxymorons.info/reference/oxymorons/oxymoron-all.asp)


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