Time Missing Numbers

             We have all had to deal with red tape in our lives. Mindless hurdles set up to either coral or confuse us for the betterment of either measuring or aligning us to achieve numerical classification for the establishment of identity. You do it to get a license; you do it to get a picnic table for a family reunion; you do it because you just got to do it if you want to accomplish anything. How we long at times to fall off the grid, and not be a number; to just be yours truly and you!  

            Face it though, bureaucracy and numbering is part of life and truth be known it does make things run smoother given the fact there are so many of us! Granted the process can be tedious in the hands of a true bureaucrat; i.e. the former
Soviet Union comes to mind. Someone was always in line, filling out this form in triplicate and submitting the yellow not the blue to person “A” while holding onto the pink until their interview was conducted or loaf of bread acquired! Truly scary stuff and we could certainly sympathize; after all we had the DMV!

            For myself I always seem to be in a much greater hurry than the person or machine taking down my information and need I mention when I am in the greatest hurry, the line is always geometrically proportioned to the amount of hurry I am in; the more the hurry, the longer the line. It never fails to depress me when I get done that now I am a number and somewhere out in cyberspace my entire identity is floating around sans the face & persona that make that number real.

 To compound matters, the theft of those numbers as of late is occurring way too often. Just recently Bank of America announced someone got access to 60,000 customer identification numbers. That is 60,000 people in danger of suddenly buying large screen TVs, for walls they will never see! The evening news anchor reminded me how bad it actually is by mentioning that sooner or later I would know someone or be someone who has had their identity stolen. And given the fact that hackers and un caring employees of major corporations regularly have access to our key accounts, one should be more than just concerned.

            Its one thing to be liable for what you do, but to have someone impersonate you and your reputation is quite another. So what can a person to do?  Here are some web sites I highly recommending checking out; (http://www.usdoj.gov/criminal/fraud/idtheft.html#What%20Can%20I%20Do%20About%20Identity%20Theft ) &



            Good luck….given what I have read as of late. I think we are all going to need it….


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