Times new permanent record

             I got an offer the other day addressed to Georgia Knocks. It was a great deal that I would be foolish to pass up it assured me, and after all; as a female Native American, why shouldn’t I be part of this great money making opportunity. But I get ahead of myself, let me explain.

Who among us in adolescence did not here the dreaded words, “That is going to go on your, permanent record,” and cringe. And the thought of what that would mean was enough to keep us all in line. We could have our children taken away or loose our jobs. Luckily that threat wasn’t real. Well hold on Aunt Betty, grab the kids and bring em back into the house the permanent record threat has returned; and this time it’s got attitude and is definitely real.

            And who’s got your permanent record and looking at it? Might I say, anybody that wants to of course. And just where is this permanent record at? You’re looking at it; the internet. While you might not be the top Joe or Melinda Smith on your name search page you will find yourself there. And if you have done something noteworthy or bad; bingo we all will soon know. Now the permanent part; it never goes away. Go ahead and look for yourself. I found a post I sent someone dating back to April 17th, 2001! Thank goodness I was nice!

If you are willing to pay a few bucks, you can get into some exclusive data bases that are just a credit card away for anyone and they can pretty much tell everything they need to know about you. Ever been fired? How about a medical problem you don’t want the insurance company to know? Pumped up your educational background on a résumé’? It’s all there. Marriage certificates, credit worthiness, shopping habits, cars owned, and bills paid or unpaid. Your last e-mail address as well as phone number you have had for the last twenty years. It’s all there.

            But there are two sides to every coin. If on one hand you need to find out information about a company that you are having problems dealing with. You’re in luck. On the other hand if the company is trying to find out about you; well they are in more luck. The better financed you are the better you chances of finding out information.

To make matters worse, most people are pretty loose lipped with their own information. Like the last time you filled out a warranty card and shipped off your life history to strangers. That company can pretty much do anything they really want to with the information. I mean after all, why does the company that just sold you a vacuum clearer for $29.95 need to know if you have a college education, own your own home or make over or under sixty five thousand dollars a year?  

            One could argue that it helps them with their sales and marketing and that the better they market the less money the product will cost you. Okay, go get cookies and milk and pull up a chair. Wrong!  Companies make millions every year selling the information they have gathered to people who make lists to help other people sell you stuff! From telemarketers to bible salesman!  I know, because every time I fill out one of those cards assuring the seller I make over three hundred thousand a year, and that I am a female Native American who owns her own home, I spell my name, Georgia Knocks. You would be surprised at the offers Georgia gets! So be careful what you send off. It just may end up on; yeah you guessed it your permanent record.


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