Time to blame someone; anyone please!

             Okay I’ll admit it. It’s my fault. Well not all my fault but I will rightfully take my part in the blame. Go ahead and level the slings and arrows of shame at me, I shall not duck. So what are you blaming on me? Well the complete decay of the bridges and roads here in Pennsylvania of course. According to released statements of Mary Peters, President Bush’s Transportation Secretary the rise in alternative fuel vehicles is sapping the gas tax which feeds the federal highway funds, which is the main source of federal money for transportation taxes.

            Much to my surprise, the fund she states is expected to go broke in 2009. When it does Pennsylvania and all the other states will have to look elsewhere for their state road funding. You know the money they use to fix bridges, repair pot holes and put up guide rails and to pay pensions of former transportation secretaries. Hmm; either this lady needs to take a chill pill or all of us Hybrid owners better park them right now and go out and get a nice suburban gas guzzling 10 miles per gallon SUV or its curtains for us all.

            According to the article that alerted me to this shameful behavior on my part, Congress could remedy the problem by raising the taxes it charges on the gas we get. Great idea, why didn’t I think of that when I got my last three dollar a gallon fill up. After all the feds are only getting 18.4 cents a gallon for the fund. No self respecting government could be expected to carry out projects with such a pittance. Besides, with the cost of most road projects soaring into the billonnesshpere, its actually surprising we are not driving around on dirt roads and fording streams where necessary.

            Her final edict for us all is to remember the less gas we use, the less tax we pay. I can’t understand why she didn’t call us unpatriotic! Governor Rendell was all smiling while she went on about this. It played very nicely with his get rid of the turnpike plan. You didn’t know? Well he wants to lease the Pike out to private investors who I am sure can keep it in good running shape. Seems I have heard this before. Like when the government turned over the VA hospitals to private companies so they would be run better and more efficiently. Happened with a good number of prisons as well

            You can argue one way or another whether privatization is good or bad, but to firmly lay the blame on people trying to go further on less gas is really going too far. But then again, this administration has pushed the boundaries of going to far, so many times, that too far, hardly seems far enough!!



One thought on “Time to blame someone; anyone please!

  1. George – you didn’t know? It was small blurb right under the Mary Peters article . The US Dept. of Transportation issued a $2.4 million dollars study buy contruction giant Hallburton to study the effects of IED’s on roads and highways in Iraq. Apparently they emulate large US Highway potholes. The study’s goal is to prepare the highway infrastructure for the enivibility of what will happen when the tax money runs out and our highways really – go to pot. Since everyone will be forced to drive Hummvees – Iraq is the perfect place to test vehicle against road condition.

    I think it is Ecexutive order EO 4239


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