Time inside us

            So far in our jaunt within and around the nuisances of time we have held our magnifying glass on time in the world around us. We see it on our wrist and as passing seasons. We use it as a convenient tool to help us show up at work when everyone else does. But there is another place we can look for time, where time becomes really personal; time inside us.

The study of time inside our bodies is called, chronobiology. Imagine if you will, that inside you all of these clocks are ticking and each has it own set of rules, agendas and alarms and all are operating separately but together. Independent but apart; where the sum is greater than the whole;  for those of you philosophers who follow the teachings of Jung.

Your body clocks are ticking away as we speak and most of them haven’t got a clue you’re late for work. These clocks are running for every system in your body. Systems that affect every aspect of you. How you react when you take a medication has a lot to do with when you take the medication because of your body clocks. Scientists are just now discovering how important it is to give medications at the right times. Sure we know dosage is important, but now time of day? Blood thinners work better right after supper, and certain cancer drugs are most effective when given in the morning, versus the night. All because of how our internal time clocks that control so much of us are finally being addressed not ignored.

Travel much? We are all familiar with jet lag. The changing of the outside worlds clocks definitely effect how you’re inside clocks are working. You have all heard of your circadian rhythm; that is all about time inside you. The changing of the sun affects us big time. I am sure I am not the only one who for days after daylight savings time goes into effect is feeling less than up to par. are working.  

So how do you find out more about, chronobiology? Well I first came across it while reading a book by Jeremy Campbell who wrote, “Winston Churchill’s Afternoon Nap.”  You can find an excellent program on his thinking and ideas regarding your inside clocks by listening to this NPR program.

           More on this later, but thought you might like to know that ticking you hear might not just be on your wrist, but in your gut who was long ago ready to do lunch, even if the rest of you was not!

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