Time on a broken band

            The band on my watch broke yesterday and you would think that I had suddenly found myself free falling over a cliff. While I don’t consciously ever look at my watch; knowing it wasn’t there drove me directly to a jeweler to get it fixed. When told it would be three days before they could locate a pin replacement for the missing band, I actually found myself drifting over to the counter to look for a new watch. Never mind the fact I have three or four perfectly good ones at home. Luckily I came to my senses in time.  

And then, when I stated the car to go back to work, Oldies 97 was playing the 70’s hit, “Does anybody really know what time it is?” Oh cut me a break. As usual when given a burning question I turned to the internet to find the answer. “It’s just a reference to the time of day”–as in “waiting for the break of day” at 25 to 2 or 6 minutes to 4 a.m. (3:35 or 3:34 am). It appears the song is really about staying up all night to write a song, and the author asks, “Does anybody really know what time it is!” So that takes care of that timeless question that you will need to know for Jeopardy   

Curiously later that day while making some space in our little library at work, a book fells into my hands I read a long time ago, that I had completely forgot about. “A Sideways Look at time” by Jay Griffiths. Jays a gal by the way who you will soon find doesn’t really care too much for men, and well from chapter to chapter has no problem blaming the world problems on us. Okay, been there before. But what Jay does do well is ask us to step away from the clock. She heralds what will happen, much Like Dudley Moore does when announcing in the movie, “Arthur” that, “he‘s taking the knife out of the cheese!” In essence, if we do, something is going to happen exciting and big!  We don’t know good or bad. But something will happen. And what is that something?

Good guess. How tied are you to your clock? Can you toss off the watch and go it alone for a day? An hour? A week?  Not that long ago the trust no one over thirty generation didn’t even own a watch. Well having seen thirty come and go almost that long ago, I can assure you our new credo is trust no one that doesn’t respect time!  I cringe when I hire a youthful aide today that doesn’t understand that time and working are tied together. “Yes you come at “6” for five days in a row. “ Dude, what a concept!”

Needless to say, time is relevant. And how relevant it is to each of us is at times relevant, to us all even if we still, don’t really know what time it is!


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