Time for some transparency

Recently the word, “transparency,” appears too arrived. It is everywhere from commencement speeches to the new buzz word of modern day media. They say, we all should be getting it, demanding it if we don’t and be highly upset with anyone that doesn’t provide it. Informed Americans want to know everything. And that goes for knowing not only how it works but how it got put together, who developed it and who is responsible for it if it hurts us. From what I see it couldn’t be coming at a better time.

 Transparecny is good. Take the recent article in the New York Times regarding the poisoning of medicine. A Chinese company, sold barrels of tainted glycerin to the world medicine market and one bumbling corporation after another transported this stuff all over the world making it into a lot of products which were truly deadly.  Products sent to third world countries, where they killed a lot of people. Its quite a feat of reporting. And we thought the pet food poisoning was big. How would you feel if it were your kids or you who took the cough syrup? The fact that it went to a third world country may make it seem like it couldn’t happen here, but it could.

Yet we all know transparency and laws that demand Corporate America keep their records open and clear are not going to happen on their own. Especially given the fact that, a certain pro business President gets to appoint people who are say the head of the Consumer Protection Agency.  Mr. B as in Business, latest appointee is Mr. Michael Baroody. He has been called a henchman for the anti-consumer movement and well, his record speaks for itself. He among other things one of the ones who has fought for things such as increased levels of arsenic drinking water!

That sounds like a no brainier to me. But I am sure another fox in the hen house is businesses as usual for this administration.  We may one day file him in the, “your doing a great job Brownie,” file. Fighting for transparency is not the easiest job. The present administration likes its privacy. It is easier to do business that way. But all of us have to wake up and demand to know what is going on. As for transparency, the next time you hear it, follow the story or get back to us and tell us how it was being touted or used. You might find out the people with the most to cover up are the ones with the most to hide, and the ones demanding it the most. And if that isn’t the status quo of these guys, then  my name isn’t GW !


One thought on “Time for some transparency

  1. “Transparent” when I think of the word, the first thought that come to my mind it – a person you can see right through. No substance. A fake a phony. Where did I come up with that I wonder? Now it is a buzz word. A buzz word I had not heard before (as a buzz word.) But George is right – it is a buzz word – userpted like the word embedded. I guess every administration can take their liberties. We had embedded interns now we get embedded press.

    Which brings up to “transparancy” I prefer myoriginal definition. “It doesn’t exist” Like bringing “transparancy to out healthcare system” The only reason they chose that word is so that a realist couldn’t use it to accuratly describe what it is. Pretty thin for most of us. But hey – the governors like it.


    If I said all that twice I suppose it would be double speak too. No?

    If you don’t understand me – that makes two if us, for I am constantly befuddled by our use of the languague.



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