Time for a Vacation?

( the following post is from a member of our TIme – Blog Community..Brian….enjoy You can find more at laverty.wordpress.com) 

The latest news from Iraq, according to Associated Press, is that the Iraqi Parliament is going on a two month vacation during July and August. This is on top of the fact that most of the Sunni members live in Jordan and not in Iraq anyways!  So I wonder if our soldiers will stop being targets for these two months. How can anyone with a straight face now say that we are sacrificing our loved ones to bring democracy to Iraq? If their leaders feel that securing their country isn’t as important as their vacation, Why Oh Why are we still there?

How many more American deaths and wounded will we suffer in those two months? This misadventure has reached the point of total absurdity. I agree with Representative John Murtha, a Marine for over 36 years. Our troops have to be moved out of harms way and at minimum placed over the horizon. Get them out the shooting gallery that this so called Surge has placed them in. I can see no good coming from it at all. According to a recent poll, 80% of Iraqis say it is OK to kill an American soldier. So much for winning the hearts and minds of these people, that time has passed us by three years ago.  Guess what? We won the War! We defeated the Iraq Army, we dethroned Saddam Hussein and his two sons, we didn’t find Weapons of Mass Destruction, we brought Democracy to this country and elections were held. So now we should say that we are going to have one more benchmark and that benchmark is, if you go on vacation we go home!   

 I’m sorry but when Congress gives the President every penny he has asked for and even put more money in for up-armored vehicles and more dollars to go to our wounded, that haven’t been getting the care they needed, his response is like a little kid who hates the word no. He is stomping his feet and saying that nobody can tell the “Commander Guy” (which how he referred to himself last week) what to do. For over four years nobody has said no to this President. Not only has no one said no, to the contrary he’s been given carte blanche. I am so happy we now finally have what appears to be the checks and balances as our forefathers designed. But I guess if Iraqi leaders are using our President as an example of how a leader should lead, then going on vacation is what they should do. During the weeks before 9/11, the daily memos to the President were telling him that an attack was imminent. Bells and whistles were going off all summer long. Even Jordan was telling the President that an attack was coming but where was our President? ….

On vacation cutting brush. And when four airliners made U turns and were unaccounted for two hours, he stayed on vacation and even went to his photo op at local elementary school. And when Katrina hit New Orleans and theGulf states, where was our President as thousands were missing, drowning and starving…. On vacation! But he did interrupt his vacation during this tragic time. For what you ask? It was to attend a fund raiser in Arizona. To this day the suffering in New Orleans and in the affected areas continues but nobody talks about it or even seems to care. 

All I can say to the Iraq’s Prime Minister al-Maliki is, “Your Doing a Hellava Job!” 


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