Some Time

              I was sitting in the Roberto Evan,’ as I like to call it (Bob Evans), eating dinner the other night, when a lady in the next booth uttered a phrase that set my ears and mind a percolating. She told her daughter, that as far as the Mother was concerned, the daughter needed and I quote, “Some time, to get it all together!”

            I thought about that for a while. Having had people say that to me over the course of a few years and I wondered, do we ever have enough time to get it all together?

             It’s almost June and commencement time. That particular time of year when all the graduates get patted on the back for their accomplishments as rows of onlookers behind them dream back to their own past undertakings which lead to all the successes and failures of their own lives and how naïve they too were when hence forth they sat in those chairs. “We were going to solve the worlds problems, not become a part of them,” was more of our anthem than a plan of attack for the sixties generation!  “And just wait till I get my chance, to run a company, I will never be, the man!” was heard even more; because we were different. I guess that is why in all of our minds, graduation time, is a special time all of its own. We feel empowered because we all feel like on that day, we are different.

            Each New Years Eve we promise to do better or try something new. On our Birthday we reflect on how quickly the time has gone by; at a Wedding we toast to the future of the lucky couple knowing full well they will see their share of highs and lows and that the very experience of sharing those highs and lows is what life is all about. But June is for hope; hope that maybe just maybe this group just might get it right!

            For sure they have enough people telling them about what to expect. Those that have been there and done it before seeking to lead them away from the danger zones; such as giving in to a career that only addresses the wallet and worst of all selling yourself short and forgetting about your dreams. We have all been there, but as we so wisely know, “Experience is the best teacher, but only if it is our own!”

            Remember Dustin Hoffman floating away on the pool in the Graduate. The whole world is running amuck around him and the only care in the world he has is a blind date with Elaine! Youth is a lot like that. Issues that seem large and foreboding won’t seem so big one day and the rush to get somewhere is not nearly as important as what you see and do on the trip there. But then again to learn all of this is going to take some time. Some time, which they will all learn will eventually become, what we all call, a lifetime.

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