Timing is everything

             We all know the key to telling a good joke is in the timing. You put the punch line in a second or to too soon or too late and the best of jokes falls flat on its face. The same holds true for politics, television and late night dinners.  

             Looking at the last one first; eating after seven is a big taboo for most of us Boomers. We have fueled an entire antacid industry thanks to the fact that we don’t get it. You don’t consume a big meal late at night. Wise up or it’s Tums for you 

                Have those of you with cable had the opportunity to watch TV Land yet? For some of you it is a panacea of the golden days of television. No, not Uncle Milte or Red Skelton, but of Bewitched, Green Acres ad the likes of Mr. French! Back when television was about enter-tainment. A time, when the Beaver could go over to Whitey’s house and no one even asked where he was going or gave a thought that Whitey’s Dad was; you know – kind of funny. And I don’t mean at telling jokes. It was a time when you pretty much knew the plot was not going to involve a terrorist, snake on a plane, drug addicted pedophile looking for love or a sitcom about nothing! From what I have read, Boomers are TV Lands biggest viewers. Watch the commercials and that will tell you who the audience is! It appears the time is right for this type of channel, its a big hit, or should I say a re-hit! 

                Politics too is all about timing. Who gets into the race first and who holds off will have a lot to do with who wins. We have already had some debates and it seems each side is ready to stat waving red and blue flags so we all know which candidate to get behind. We have front runners; a few dark horses; and some real long shots. And don’t forget we have those who could appear at the last minute and throw a monkey wrench into some of the early candidates best laid plans. Will Gore run? Will Newt finally declare himself worthy?  So as you sit there stone cold sober lamenting over television meant to lull you into thinking only about days gone by eating a late night snack you know has no intention of going to sleep anytime soon, please take a minute to look out your window and see what is going on. For those of you who have you countdown clocks firmly ensconced on your living room tables, you are excused!        

               For those of you who think it is too much of a bother to pay any attention to the hailstorm of politics building on our horizon, please don’t up and go lame. We need you. We need you to get people talking. Talking about what is wrong and right with this country and talking about it now. Now when you can shape the agenda; not when the only thing coming out of people will be sound bites they hear on the nightly news. Our environment is in trouble. Our Democracy is in disarray. Out basic rights are diminishing as we speak; you don’t have the right to habeas corpus anymore! The sky isn’t falling, it has fell. And no I’m not paranoid. But I guess if I had any sense I would be. TV Land is great for a while, but don’t go there forever.  

              You can’t live in the past. Just as it is no longer possible for you to digest that burrito after eight, you can no longer sit on a couch and let the world just go by. Go to the blogroll on this page and click on the Democracy School site and watch the video and get involved. It may be the best twenty minutes you spend today.We need you and like I said before, Timing  is everything!


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