Time to think about voting

             Summer is here and quite frankly the last thing on my mind is voting. That was until the young couple knocked upon my door and asked if I had anyone at the house who had not registered to vote.  I was taken by surprise by both their youngness of age (early thirties) and their surprising commitment to get as many people in my neighborhood registered to vote as possible. After assuring them if I had anyone of voting age in my house not voting they wouldn’t be eating here or would surely have been asked to move a long time ago, the couple smiled and moved on. 

            So it was with a bit of amazement I found an article in the Denver Post, regarding the very same issue. Talk about no such things as coincidence. Click here, for the full article but the jist of it is that for the last 30 years, after eighteen year olds got the right to vote, they continually have declined to do so. Regardless of their specific reasons the article tells us in 2004, the trend began to reverse. This is the same generation that really supported Bush and his post 911 foreign policy. But it seems things are changing and this group now is becoming more committed to politics and the change they can make by getting involved. 

            This group seems to be looking at the world as a whole, rather than just at what is best for themselves ! Some liberal thinking in a time gone consumer crazy!  Could that I, me, mine, politics of everyday conservatism finally be swinging the other way at long last?  Certainly a refreshing thought to some of us Boomers which have known for far too long current policies of smash mouth in your face politics never gets anyone anywhere.

            Granted the article tells us  that the blundering of the handling of the Katrina disaster, the lack of a clear plan or strategy in Iraq and the current troubles each week in Washington have got to have some people wondering what the hell is going on. But don’t’ start counting the votes just yet. For while their may be rumblings of concern and rays of hope that people will start realizing we are not the only country in the world that needs to survive on it resources, there are strong forces out there, who enjoy a very good living from the status quo and will do their best to keep everything the way it is.

            No, this isn’t conspiracy theory; it’s just the way it is.  While many of us were sleeping Corporate America bought the television, newspaper and radio stations. They bought em in bunches. A handful of media giants now own just about everything you read, hear or see and if you don’t think that the reporting as we get closer to the election will reflect corporate concerns, then your more naïve than those thirty years olds eight years ago who supported  Bush. The fantasy News Networks ratings are down, but a couple of good scares averted and they will be right aback up on top.

            So sit back. Put your feet up on the chair and enjoy that summer’s cool first glass of lemonade. Then maybe just maybe think about getting out and starting a conversation with your neighbor or a co worker about voting and how important that simple act is. It’s as I see it, never too soon and for sure not at this point in time, going to be too late either.



2 thoughts on “Time to think about voting

  1. Well after last night’s debate – I am left wondering who in the h….. you could vote for. Dennis will never be allowed close. The rest – well………….

  2. Your right Kurt..the candidate pool is pretty thin, but my point is we can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater and we do that when we quit voting because of who the parties put up to run……. we need to let them know we want better candidates

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