Time alone

             It is getting harder to feel right about being alone. After all we are all supposed to be surrounded by friends and family and if we are not, there must be something wrong with us. Have you ever heard of anyone but a “loner” doing something bad?  Well, take a deep breath; I officially am declaring that it is alright to be alone. In fact it is something we all need to be at the minimum of a few minutes’ everyday.       

       Now for sure we are social animals and we like other people being around us. But aren’t you due for a stroll up to Walden Pond? No you don’t have to build a cabin and move in and go off the grid shirking financial responsibilities, family and the nine to five; you just need to find a way to get some good solid time to yourself.  Maybe social capital will suffer for a moment or two and society will look upon your new found hedonism with a jaundiced eye but hey they aren’t paying your sanity bills now are they? What is the cost to you if you keep stressing our over everyone else life? Well lets say it’s time for you to save a life; your own.   

         There are many ways you can accomplish this. Take a walk; sit quietly in a room and put on some headphones listening to music if you desire or what more and more of us stressed to the max are doing; take up meditation?  Yea, meditation, where you quietly sit and think about nothing; or for newbie’s at least try to. I know some of you are ready to head for the door on this one, but it’s not as hard as you might think and probably more important to your mental health that a whole bottle of prescriptions!        

    I would wager a couple of bucks, some of you have forgotten how to be alone. Look at your day. With the possible exception of a few of you who car pool, most of us only spend any real alone time, traveling too and from work. How many of you and be honest now; find yourself a bit nervous in the house all alone?        

     Being a part of the Boomer age wave sweeping through our time zone hasn’t made it easy. As a generation we really never have had to be alone or understand the benefits of such. It seems there have been people around us from the beginning. Our classrooms were crowded, our protest marches were crowded, hell the lines we got into to go to college were long and competition to get jobs or go to schools was always if anything crowded. We have come to think everything we want to do has a line in it! The piece about retirement I wrote a few months ago has us reshaping how retirement is done, because we are all going to do it. You guessed it. Together!     

       Some of you are probably saying to yourself, when can I find time to be alone?  Well trust me the world will fall not apart if you step away for a bit. Light switches will get turned on and off. People get up and go and come back and the world pretty much goes on its merry way while you take some time for you.

            So what do you need to do to get started? Well, I have searched a lot of sites and found this one to be most helpful but a Google search of your own on mediation will yield a lot of choices. Good luck, you’re on your own now, and you will be surprised how good it feels. 


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