Time being watched

If you have ever had the feeling that someone is watching over your shoulder, you should by no means ever become a blogger. Granted when you cast your words and general thoughts out into the world of cyberspace they can and do go almost anywhere. Some of the posts I have posted to this site, have ended up in Drug Manufacturing Blogs, Cancer information sites, Shoe stores web sites: on corporate info sheets and in primary candidates data bases. One of the strangest finds has been to find me as the goggle site for info on teaching patriotism.

Say what? Yes if you looking at articles regarding should we teach Patriotism in our schools you will find me there. Seems to be a real popular topic; I was originally on page one, but now have dropped to page three as new things get written on the subject. Aside from the momentary feeling of flattery; I couldn’t understand why I kept getting hits on that particular article long after it had been posted. It has gotten a lot of them. So I did some investigating.

Then it dawned on me “Go –Bots” Don’t’ know what they are? Well, it appears in the world of cyberspace there are computers who do nothing but search out your name if you are a corporation. They search for their name, anything to do with them that gets mentioned. If your going to call someone a complete nut or accuse a company CEO-nista of bad doing, you should know they will probably know it within minutes after you type it out. I guess I could understand the need to acquire information on yourself. If you are a major corporation you need I suppose to know who is talking about you. Thus when I say the Sams Club Repubs are playing at Archer Daniels Field. Guess who comes looking at little Geo’s Blog? Yep, the Republican national committee and Archer Daniels Midland! In my post on Football and politics I on purpose mentioned several key political and corporate names to see what would happen. Remember Jesus’ Cleaning? Well I got two hits from uniform companies and one from a shoe source willing to provide shoes and uniforms for my team!

My parents use to warn me about giving our information when filling out forms for this and that. To think that today you information is safe or not being viewed by anyone who wants to find it, is pretty naïve. So far on this site since January, I have written 25,862 words, 44 pages and still counting, and you can bet read by computers around the world. So if from time to time, I want to have some fun and a name seems to be out of context (Bayer Corporation) or I just want to draw attention to a faulty product, you might see the name in the Blog piece. As they say, you can never have too much information. Now, you why! Oh yeah, War of 1812, Lithium batteries, Fondue Makers, and Gaia!


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