Time of the Corpocracy

             When one thinks of the word Corpocracy, one can easily conjure up a lot of futurist ideas of darkened city skies covered with perpetual showers of acid rain and lexicons of gray uniformed marching men chanting the latest corporate slogans in syncopated rhythms marching brainlessly off the end of long ramps into oblivion. Sadly however this is no video game word, but one that we should all be adding to our vocabulary when discussing government.

            At a local city picnic on the 4th I heard several people all confirming the fact that this is such a great country and how lucky we are to live under a Democracy!  Sorry, that form of government we so incorrectly called a Democracy never really was a Democracy but a Republic which has all but slipped out of our hands and its going to take some doing to get it back. Now before you go getting all weepy eyed and start writing letters to your Congressman, you need to take a look around and see what happened while you and I were napping.

            First of all, you do know Corporations are people. They have the same rights as you and I do. It’s been that way since the late 1800’s. Go to the blog roll and check on Democracy school for more information on this topic. You should also know that every court attempt to take those rights away from the corporations has failed. The Supreme Courts ruling last week to give the boardroom its voting rights, was just another judicial atta’ boy for making sure things stay the same for quite a long time to come.

            So, just what does life in a Corpocracy mean? It means the special interest of large corporations come before the interest of the people. Heresy you say?  Well, in his award winning book, “When corporations rule the world,”   David Korten (details on this book, on the book page), warns’ us, life will not be the same for us. Priorities will lie in the global markets, not in your local community. Additionally treaties will be designed to expand markets and prices will be determined not by quality of work, but by quantity of product to be sold. When you go to the grocery store and you see those peaches in a Dole fruit jar are grown in Greece and bottled in Indonesia and somehow arrive at your grocery for just under two bucks; you have got to wonder, how did they do that so cheap! What ever happened to the Georgia peaches? Try getting a jar of Georgia Peaches for fewer than two bucks! Just try.

            Standard operating procedure in a Corpocracy involves a swinging door between government and business. It’s hard to tell which side of the fence most politicians are standing on these days. Do a Google search of any former government employee and see where they are working? Many are with the very exact people they spent years motioning as government workers. Poor Rick got a great job on K Street working with same folks that supported all of his arrogance when he was in office. These guys don’t really ever loose!

            So take a deep breath and do some investigating. More on this new word as examples of it pop up in the months ahead. But remember, after you use it three times, it’s yours, whether you want it or not!



One thought on “Time of the Corpocracy

  1. Kurt Grotz

    The movie on Demo Channel (Sweet Missery) will bear out where govt. workers go.

    As for everything else. I do the NASCAR 45 minute commute to work everyday and see Corpocracy at is finest. People are Corpocracy – just like you say. You want to learn about people – do 1.5 hours of 80 + miles an hour NASCAR twice a day. You will see corpocracy in action. Chevrolet and the American Revolution, Clear Channel corporate radio preaching anger and hate, Cingular Wireless. What you get are zoned out, angry race car drivers.

    Well you all have a nice ride in Corpocracy today.

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