More Time

               “I read the new today! Oh boy, what a lucky man…” Lennon and McCartney had it right; a lucky man gets more time. Seems everyone needs more time. Bush in the headlines this AM says, he needs more time for his plans to work. The generals need more time to figure out a plan that not only gives them more time, but some idea of what it is they are to be doing. The Congress needs more time to spend beating dead horses, and Condoleezza needs more time to get everyone on the same page so they can at least agree to disagree. Karl needs more time to find underlings to send to Congress to testify on behalf of everyone that is out of the office and the only one that has plenty of time on his hands is Scooter who is probably fishing off the coast of North Carolina enjoying the day!

The Airline industry that cried poor for so many months now has so much business they need more time to get you where you want to go. The rate of delays on the tarmac has shot through the roof and passengers instead of enjoying destinations are hastily filming their delays complete with crying children, apologizing pilots and agonizing sighs on U-Tube. Seems an antiquated system that suddenly got overwhelmed by Mother Nature, defunct equipment and a lack of qualified staff is finally feeling the growing pains. I guess those billions of dollars the American people ante’d up to keep them up and running just went to rent and CEO’ pension funds!

And you, last of all lowly you; all you want to do is get a day off or two and to go on vacation. But you just read that Lake Erie has a foul smelling potential e-coli problem and well, what trip isn’t that much greater with a bout of diarrhea. So as you sit there in traffic wondering why in the world you took this road and where did all these people come from think about more time? I mean after all if you had more time you wouldn’t have to be in such a hurry; and isn’t that what we are all really complaining about!

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