Time of rights and wrongs

             So we were just chatting about what a Corpocracy means to you. We all appreciate that Corporations can have enduring effects on our lives. We mostly all work in one, so there should be little surprise that the rules the corporations make we follow or we go somewhere else to work. But what happens when the rules the Corporations, follow you home? As in the smoking rules of the corporations? Sure no one wants you smoking at work. In fact just getting the chance to go outside and have a smoke is getting pretty much a luxury in itself. But in a Michigan firm, no smoking, means any smoking; at work or at home. Three former Wyeclo employees lost their jobs because they wouldn’t take a breathalyzer test. And no they weren’t drinking, but smoking at home. Of course the ACLU is on this like fleas on a dog’s hind leg, but come on. While they work on this case which could take years, the employees are not working. Who really is suffering here?  The company say no smoking anywhere; we are concerned about your health. Well, maybe they are and maybe they aren’t; It’s real easy to pick a case here and ay, we all know that smoking is bad for you. But isn’t that your choice?

            Do we need Roe versus Wyeclo to be decided by the Supreme Court? Well, if it gets that far, you can count on loosing it. Corporations have rights too remember!

            And for those who don’t smoke and think that hey, this isn’t such a bad rule, I want to ask you a question?  What’s next; Fast food? Your waist line is to big to accommodate our cubicles so skinny up or move on?  You hair color? No gray haired men. Everyone get it dyed or its curtains for you too. We like to keep a fresh young appearance! It could happen. Once precedent is set, then every case from there on out is given aa an example.

            And here is the clincher. Who owns your brain while you are at work? Say you are working away and an idea pops into your head. Who owns that idea? If you think it is yours, maybe you better think again. Evan Brown thought so. Seven years of litigation proved to him other wise. The former Texas computer programmer came up with an idea while at work on something he wasn’t even working on. Even though the idea was never fully developed, the company sued him for ownership of it. He eventually lost in a Texas Court. This gives living in a Corpocracy a whole new meaning. And by the way, if any of you are blogging while at work, you should check out the company manual as to what your rights are to do that. In fact they may even have something to say about your activities at home, talk about a time of rights and wrongs!


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