Time in the blogosphere

         Blogging is very powerful tool that is in the earliest stages of its developmental infancy. Blogs can be viewed as one mans opinion and dismissed with the click of a mouse or as the white tip of a political iceberg which has suddenly appeared on the horizon out of nowhere. Least we forget the power that seemed to launch Howard Dean into the stratosphere in 2004!

Their potential to shape opinions and to bring hundreds of people from a variety of backgrounds together to form a community is undeniable. Yet knowing that all you need to create a blog is computer access and a basic understanding of click and press to get published should make us all a bit leery of some of some of the things we read. Should, but not necessarily!

In the August issue of “Mother Jones,” the motivations of political bloggers are given a thorough going over. Insisting that their power is strong with the force, as it was with young Luke, but yet to be fully realized or valued by the mainstream media. A lack of a code of ethics and professionalism seems to prevail. The mainstream press however is dubbing the new media entrepreneurs as the new gatekeepers, but still implying us unworthy of the title! Our sudden new courtship by the major political parties from both the left and right is cause for celebration not denouncement.

Fortunately the best parts of this Wild West show we call the blogoshpere is the fact, that it’s still pretty wild out here. People with something to say, have definitely followed Horace Greely’s suggestion, to go west to the Blogoshpere! And any adoption of a code of Blogging ethics is a few range wars away. Sure an occasional, nut case will sign in and type out, but he is treated to his own piece of land for as long as he can keep hold of it. A true readership is built on consistency and regular product. You write one blog every six months and people dismiss you real soon. The mainstream media seems to think that bloging is a threat of some sort. But for this blogger it is anything but. Granted their reports are the fuel for many of the fires I light, but more times than not, what I write sends people right back to the source looking for more information.

 What effect will all this attention have on the blogoshpere media? No one is quite sure. Ethically you would expect a blogger that is being financially supported by a campaign to come clean and tell you. Yet even if they do not, you pretty much know what side they are on. Persuasive writing demands you eventually pick a side or it’s just a run on sentence!  It doesn’t take a degree in journalism to understand what side of the story a blogger is supporting after the second sentence or two. Bush bad! Bush great! You get it.

 Blogging is a medium that has yet to come into its own. So far the best things it does is raise money and awareness. We haven’t yet mastered sending hordes to the booths to vote. We still need a good candidate to do that; but let me assure you when we get one, you’ll find out first in a blog!


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