Time to Share

( from time to time I gets posts that are so on the money, I must share. )

Robert H. Ballan, Norwood, NY attorney wrote:

I woke up this morning, read the e-mail & reflected on the events of
the past 6 years. Two stolen elections, 9-11, 7-7, Katrina,
mysterious passenger jet air crashes, mysterious refinery explosions
and fires, runaway corporate profits, impoverishment of the working
class, unsolved anthrax attacks, Mel Carnahan’s convenient death,
Paul Wellstone’s convenient death, two real wars, one more phony war, legalized torture, the end of privacy, the wholesale transfer of
wealth to the super-rich, the concentration of power in the hands of
the executive, the intimidation and/or sellout of the legislature,
the highest court in the land filled with far right ideologues and
the executive branch’s complete disregard of the rule of law.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. It’s over folks. The fight conducted
under the auspices of the Constitution is over and we lost. The
republic founded by that pragmatic document is, like the working
class, in tatters – shredded and all but totally disregarded. What
remains in its stead is a nascent fascist totalitarian state.

When I became an attorney, I took an oath to defend the U. S.
Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. The U.S.
Supreme Court dictates what the constitution means. That court is now prepared to say the constitution means exactly what the lying,
murdering, thieving neocons (more properly called fascists or Nazis)
say it means.

Am I bound by the majority decision [of] one court that is
infiltrated by radicals owing allegiance to ideology rather than the
law?What a dilemma. Can I interpret the Constitution for myself?
Do I tape the 95 rules of Constitutional interpretation to the door
of the U.S. Supreme Court and try to start the democratic reformation?Do I just ignore the issue and do what I’m doing until they won’t let do it any longer?

I don’t know. However, I do know that it is the end game. By the end
of this administration’ s constitutionally prescribed term of office,
there will not be any Constitution. There will not be any Bill of
Rights and there will only be fascism, illusion and misery for an
increasingly large segment of the population.

All that remains is for the bastards to lower the boom. They have us
ensnared in a net of totalitarian laws and executive orders that the
Courts will uphold. The courts will not save us. All that they have
ever done is announce the few victories that ordinary people win in
the streets. Maybe, we should get out more.

It is the early 1930s and the fascists have come to power. The sheer
hell of it is that when the historians write it, they talk about how
the fascists came to power in democratic elections.

Yes, I’m pessimistic. But time will tell whether I’m also correct.

We know the truth of 9-11. We quibble about how and who did it when
but we pretty much agree that it wasn’t a hit by vacationing Arabs
that hate our freedoms. It appears that 9-11 truth without more will
not solve the problem of our homegrown fascist coup. Nonetheless, to
those trapped in the Matrix, it remains a gateway to reality.

Some will implement escape plans, some will organize the resistance
and some will merely try to survive. The proportions of citizens in
each category will determine the outcome. However, we need to be
prepared for a very bad ride. In more politically aware parts of the
world they will call it “repression. ”

Best regards,


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