Time and what tastes good …

             Getting oneself worked up in a feeding frenzy is a natural thing; if you’re a shark. Having just finished Shark week on the Discovery channel, I got plenty of reminders of what one looks like as well. Having just finished dinner at an all you can eat Pizza Parlor  I must say, meal time for the sharks and some of my co-diners looked exactly the same; a feeding frenzy! It’s amazing what pizza at $4.99 all you can eat, will do to a sane person!        

            But all jokes aside, with waistlines (presently company included) headed south faster than a bus load of octogenarians going to Fort Lauderdale, we need to wake up. Sure we can blame lots of people on our problems at the dinner table and we will. The food is processed from God knows what and it’s processed so that our brains no longer register when enough is enough. Plus we are all social eaters and a new study just out says that our friends also influence how we eat. So if your friends are getting bigger, chances are you are too. It truly is a food epidemic!  Who among us when out with a group hasn’t felt a bit strange when ordering the salad plate, when all the others are opting for the rib & chicken plate. Admit it. Peer pressure to eat is as strong as it was to do all the other no-no’s you encountered in life up to this point.  

           We are the only nation in the world, and that may be history as well, to suffer from overabundance of food. If you look at our daily caloric intake our ancestors would just be blown away by what we have at our fingertips. I read where somewhere in our DNA the gene still exist that says, if you see food, eat it all. Don’t waste it. Plus most of us grew up with Depression Era parents, and to leave bread on our plates or that plate not clean is a sin! We are conditioned to clean up our plates. Speaking of your plate; restaurants used to use a nine inch plate as standard. It now is up to twelve inches and usually full! Pretty soon we will all just meander over to the trough, bibs tied on, and spoons adhered to our hands with duct tape!    

        It’s not getting any better for our children & grandchildren by the way. Even the most health conscious portion controlled parents have to be alarmed at this one. In a recent study of children ages 3 to 5 anything wrapped in a McDonalds wrapper tasted better. Researchers took identical food and wrapped some in the Mickey-D’s wrappers and put the rest in plain wrappers. Without a doubt the Mickey D’s food won hands down. Now if you figure what we learn as children carries over to adulthood. The kids today don’t stand a chance. I can still remember hearing people, say, “it tastes good, but not as god as Mom used to make.” The new mantra may well be, “It tastes good but, not as good as we can get at McDonalds’s!”       

      Think, about it….

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