Time to get the news

            What is your information quotient? At what point do you turn away from the TV or radio or Net and say; enough is enough? Sadly, that turn away point for most Americans is non existent. In other parts of the world it’s even worse. Did you know in China they actually lock up Internet Junkies in insane asylums till they can get them un-hooked?

            For when it comes to gathering the daily information we think we need any semblance of satiation can quickly be lost in the scramble of “enquiring minds needing to know!” Granted, in this day and age we all feel the need to be connected, tuned in, downloading, Blog browsing, paper reading, Internet  searching, alternate source investigating, and wired 24/7, least we miss something. And that need to know fuels a very powerful media machine that at times, seems so far out of control, it’s a world all of its own.

            Want to feel like someone with ADD? Watch Entertainment Tonight or its knockoff Hollywood Insider.  They bounce around and tease you with this promo and that to the point you may as well be high on Ritalin trying to get the facts about something you couldn’t care less about. The local news channels are just as bad. At eight-am they promo the 4:30 story only to tease you with an even more in-depth story at five thirty and the full story at six!!  

            And it seems no matter where you go in public where there is a waiting room dialed to the fantasy news network or CNN. Nothing can get a room full of people more excited that good old improperly, stretched out, over and under explained, exaggerated for the sake of sensationalism news story. Go ahead, the next time you find yourself watching TV with a group of strangers. Make a comment. Man the opinions fly left and right. It’s amazing we agree on anything anymore.

            Add to all of this news the fact that in the past you at least had the impression you were getting both sides of a story; at least you expected to. But today reporting seems to be; here are the facts and here is your conclusion, case solved and case closed. The latest victim being skewered in the press is, Michael Vick. PETA would have his testicles on a stick if they could. Yet there has been no trial. No presentation of evidence. Of course the Feds have filed charges and their conviction rate is around 97% from what I hear. Even that is not a sure bet. Pass the OJ, please

            The District Attorney that went totally ballistic with the Duke Student rape trial case has now been disbarred. He openly admits he didn’t have a shred of evidence against them. Yet I remember the media having a field day with this one. These boys now declared innocent have had their lives changed forever. And what drove this dedicated public servant to act so irresponsibly? He just got caught up in the lights action and cameras!

            Surely no excuse, but definitely a reminder to us all that news is a business and it’s a product that walks a fine line between entertainment and facts. Maybe its time we all realized that maybe enough is enough and pushed ourselves away from the table and got some fresh air and read a good book! Just maybe….


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