Time in years

             How old do you feel? How old do you look? Even better, how old do you act? While keeping account of time by using years is by far the most efficient way to determine how close you are to collecting a social security check, it does have its pitfalls.  Who among us has not said, I may this old, but I feel at least ten years younger that I am.  Come on now, tell the truth!        

             Age and how we look is a big factor to us Americans. Obsession just doesn’t cover it. The take the gray out of your hair business is booming. I mean after all, you’re not getting promoted if you have premature gray hair men. How much did the last color wash cost ladies! Must be why the current shave your head craze is so popular among men; less hair makes you look younger!  The fold over makes you at least ten years older! We aren’t the first generation to play the denial game, nor will we be the last. Hey, the Pepsi generation will be forever young! Yeah, right.

            In a culture where we do a lot of judging based on looks, what we determine someone’s age at determines both good and bad how we react to them. So how good do you think you are at determining how old someone is? Well here is a great way to find out.  Take this poll on CNN and see if you can tell how old these ladies and gentlemen are. If like me, you miss a few (actually I missed more than that), don’t feel bad, no one looks their age anymore. Which brings up the question, what does age have to do with anything in your life anyway?


            Have you ever put something off because you thought, “I’m just too old to be doing that?” Probably, and trust me sometimes you are right; but other times you are wrong. You shouldn’t be in training for the Iron Man if you have never been an athletic person and you’re pushing fifty. That’s common sense, but then again it’s never too late to get off the couch of denial and start to take better care of you. To age is to be alive and to be alive is to suffer the ups and downs of each age, getting old is just a state of mind my friends. A state of mind we all need to be aware of!



3 thoughts on “Time in years

  1. Sandy C. Smith

    I think the emphasis should always be on not acting your age but rather acting your spirit regardless of your age!

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