Time to invest

               It’s not a funny story. It’s tragic and it’s sad. It’s not the kind of thing you may want to invest too much of your time in. It’s a neighbor with a problem. A problem you may one day have to answer if you’re facing bills you cannot pay for your health care or worse yet bills for someone you love and feel you have failed. What are you going to do if you can’t pay your house bill or your medical bills and are overwhelmed by a system that sees you only as a payee, and not a victim of just bad luck? Stanley Reimer’s only answer was not the right answer. But in his mind he had no other answer I would venture to say will be his only defense. I am sure his solution is something he pondered for quite a long time.  Not the thing you do on the spur of the moment.

          Everyone one of us could find ourselves in the position this man did. If I had a nickel of every person who has asked me to throw them over the side if they become terribly ill, I would be blogging from my condo in Myrtle! It is something we all I dare say have said.

            Recently Dr Jack got out of prison. You all remember him I am sure. He assisted those who wanted to be without pain. He did a pretty good job of it. Something we don’t usually think of doctors doing. After all, Doctors are supposed to help us stay here no matter what diseased condition they may find us in. But prolonging the inevitable never sat well with Dr Jack. He did time for his beliefs.


            You can barely turn on a TV these last few weeks and not hear about the decaying infrastructure that is lying all around us. Bridges, public utility lines and Dams are ready to go at any minute. All problems from spending too much time worrying about the wrong things and too little attention on what we need to be concerned about.   

            Fixing the bridges and locking up Dr Jack are all good end of the pipe solutions. But finding a way to help Stanley Reimer; calls for investing ourselves in the lives of others around us. Something this bowling Alone generation really isn’t in to. And while the Army core of Engineers says we need billons to save the infrastructure, a simple “Hello, Can I help you,” may be all that is needed to help people like Stanley turn it around.


            Who would you rather invest in?

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