Time for a list

             Okay, so try as I will to do the Blog twice a week some time life gets in the way. Last week was one of those weeks for me. My apologizes. I read an online blog-letter when I started this Blog that said you have to be consistent and faithful to your Blog or you will loose your readership! Sorry about that, would hate to lose any of you!

            So this past Sunday I was reading about China and how the country once so underdeveloped that it was almost given up for hopeless in being able to catch up to the rest of the industrialized world has suddenly found itself; catching up big time. It has now become a major player in all the world markets; from manufacturing to technology to pollution! Yeah, pollution. It appears that China once thought going to take many years to catch up to the good ol USA in carbon emissions may well beat us in just the next few years at spewing out all of the worst emissions. Some areas of China today, look like Pittsburgh of the forties! I guess success is it own form of punishment! See there Bush. China singed Kyoto, then went off and did what it dam well pleased. Maybe you should re-think that one!

            But what really caught my eye this past weekend in the Sunday New York Times has a lot more relevancy to most of us. It was an article about; lists; lists of things that people suddenly write up that they want to do or accomplish before they die or get to old to do them. Have you done yours yet? It appears after a few phone calls to some friends, that many of you have been doing them, at least thinking about them

            Seems as us Boomers approach the sit down and be quiet Geritol years we have taken to making lists of things we would like to get done. You know the ten things I need to do before I die. Loosing weight rides high on the list, but hey, that one is a no brainer. Dying skinnier is not what we need to be dreaming of! Running in an Iron Man! Now there is a dream list item, well, maybe a real dream item. Lets be a bit more realistic. Anyone going to Paris? Seen the Taj Majal?

            My list included none of those things. Either I have no imagination or I have gotten extremely boring. Alright, I did turn fifty and tell myself I always wanted a Masters Degree, needed to get my teeth fixed and I did tell myself I wanted to be a Blogger. Three down; seven to go, but what is on your list? What have you been thinking about that can’t be put off any longer or needs to have so attention paid to it?

            If you are up to it; how about sharing your list and I’ll share mine

It’s good to be back. If you need some hints take a look here.


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