Time in a three ring circus

               To describe the upcoming political season as going to be anything less than a three ring circus where no one rarely stays in any one ring for too long hardly seems to prepare us for what lies ahead.  Dare I say if we had a crystal ball, we would all blow up our TV’s; go off the grid, and move to Canada to wait for the smoke to clear.

              Already the candidates are fielding questions that seem unreal and mostly unrelated to what matters most. Questions like, is Barrack Black enough? Will Mitt successfully be able to defend polygamy in the early Church? Is Hillary her own woman? And a hundred more just like these that once answered, avoided, or painstakingly acknowledged won’t make one iota of difference in what kind of person we next see in the Oval office, nor tell us what we need to know; will our newly elected President be able to govern?

            We have had so many problems swept under the rug these last few years by a Congress that I think showed up but am not really sure. For sure the checks got cashed and the bucks got passed but the Bills did not. Bills that should have addressed:  Immigration, Social Security, Medicare and Health Care Insurance just to name a few. Not to fear though, some Bills were passed and duly signed. Bills that took away your rights because you may be who knows what and Bills that solved the problems of business. If you listen closely you can still hear the sucking sound of all those jobs leaving the country heading for Mexico! And they laughed at Ross, but he was right. That sucking sound now is going on at your Mortgage Bank and around the Constitution. Not to fear, the Pres announced earlier today he would do all to he could to help the lending institutions survive. As for your rights, don’t hold your breath.


            But still we ask, what makes a good politician or a President for that matter? Is it his ability to govern?  Is it his ability to stay the course, even though his decisions and actions are grossly unpopular? Is it his willingness to work with others to achieve the best bi-partisan government possible? Or is it just the ability to get re-elected? To convince enough people that whatever it is they are suppose to be doing, they are doing it! Not sure. A job with as much power and ability to change the world as this one, you would think would come with a better job description and not be one where you fill in the blanks when it is over to see if anything majorly important got accomplished!



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