Time to listen to the rain…

              If you’re lucky enough, every now and then you get to take a deep breath of fresh air and relax. You might even get a chance to sit down and listen to the rain; it used to be a great past time for laid back Saturday afternoons. A time for some us that now seems a million miles away from the plugged in 24/7 digital streaming, full surround sound audio world we have come to define as; what we do to get by. When you were twelve, did you ever imagine that you would need to carry a cell phone, blackberry and a pager and still be concerned you were missing something?   

            But life has a funny way of throwing reminders out at you if you are listening and last night while viewing the movie, “Premonition” I sat down took the hint and just listened. Now mind you, this movie is slower moving than watching paint dry but it poses a lot of issues and ideas that maybe we should all be asking ourselves as we run by leaps and bounds into the future in such a hurry.

            Issue one; if you have a void in your life and you don’t fill it with something that is of importance to you; something will come along and fill it for you. Nature abhors a vacuum. That goes for what you may consider important or not important in your life. So are you finding yourself doing things you don’t want to be doing, but mindlessly doing them anyway? Are you doing what you want to do or what someone else thinks is important? Because that is what grownups do? Last time I checked it was still your life. That excuse worked when we were thirty; started to get shaky when we hit forty and now my friends is flying out the window.

            Number two Issue. If you could change the future, would you? Now I am sure if you looked into your crystal ball and saw a wreck, or cancer, or the death of loved one, you would do your determined best to effect a better outcome. Ten more minutes with a loved one is ten more minutes. But the idea here is that, even our trying to effect a change in the future will bring up a whole new future completely laid at the hands of our own choices. It’s that free will thing we all have and at times are quite adamant at denying exists. 

            So this all brings us back to the rain, you and I don’t have time to listen too. What is your hurry? It’s true what they say, no one ever put on someone’s tombstone, “if he had only worked a bit harder, he might have enjoyed life more!” Why aren’t’ you relaxing when you have the time to? Ask yourself, if it took you three days to return a call to a friend, who called you last week because you were too busy, here is a clue. You are not that busy, call the friend back this time on your dime, your initiative, and while you at it, open up the window, and listen to the rain.

             Just a premonition, but I bet it does you and the friend a world of good!


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