Time on a Ticking Warhead

           The article I read stated the obvious. “The Air Force has lost all confidence in his ability to handle nuclear weapons.” And who did they loose confidence in? None other than a person who was in charge of such silly things!

            It seems in the process of getting a bunch of missiles from point A to point B, for dismantling, an Air Force Officer permitted the sending of five missiles still attached to warheads on a jaunt thru the central portions of the USA.  The trip from North Dakota to Louisiana via Military plane went off without event. Had there been an accident however; Katrina wouldn’t even have gotten a footnote in our history books compared to what might have happened.

            Did you know that at one time the Regan Administration proposed putting all of our nukes on trains? Yep, put em in railroad cars and keep em moving around the nation. Hard to know where they would be. And given the safety factor of train transportation; who among us would not support that plan. And you thought the Interstate system was built to get you to the beach faster!

            The fact that we have just about run out of space to store our nuclear wastes probably isn’t a big factor in your life right now, but it could be. Real fast! Most highly radioactive waste created by nuclear power plants is stored right where they make it. It’s just a matter of time until they have no more space. Not the kind of thing you can call your local PODS storage container company up and say, “We need some storage trailers for the next say, 120,000 years. Can we get a discount if we buy all you have in stock?  Oh yeah, you’ll have to keep em dry!”

             Its one thing to say nuclear power is the cleanest way to produce energy, but it is quite another thing to have to deal with its waste. The latest energy crisis has people dusting off old blue prints for Nuclear power plants. Countries like France are being touted for their many years of safe operation. Places like Chernobyl are being played down as being not as bad as we may have once thought. If we had an accident of that size here in South Western Pa you would have to move to Erie to be safe, and not be allowed back here in the next six lifetimes!

            History is written by the victors. It’s also written by companies with things to sell that need a world where people have short memories and insatiable desires for power. It’s just a matter of time, until someone drops the ball again. Just a matter of time till the earth shakes something loose or a General cuts a corner and looses more that his job. Talk bout, time on a ticking warhead!


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