Time Patriotic

            Stories in several newspapers and lately on the net are stating that the military is carrying all the personal weight of this war. That the average American isn’t really involved? It reminded me of the old story about the Pig, the Cow and the Chicken who decided that life on the farm was so good that they should all contribute to a surprise breakfast for the farmer. The Chicken would of course contribute the eggs, the Cow the milk, and the Pig?  Well, you can see, not all who contribute to the cause give equally. But all still contribute! We Americans are always, checking to see if things are equal. We don’t like things not being fair; at least when we look at the big picture. It gets kind of messy when we look closer.

            One of the highest hit Blogs I have put out this year was about Patriotism. It still gets several hits a week. I know of nothing that can raise the ire of a reader faster than hinting they might be un-patriotic!  Yet, Patriotism is a lot like beauty; for it is mostly in the eye and heart of the beholder. There is no doubt that the soldiers are being called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice. It comes sadly with their job description. On the other hand, the average American is suffering from high interest rates, over priced fuel, a government that knows no boundary when it comes to undermining citizen rights and a decaying infrastructure that goes vastly under funded because of this thing called the war.

            For most when you talk about the “P” word, you hear things that run the gamut from my country right or wrong, to we need to tear this place down and start over. But while both of those refer to patriotism displayed, they are not what Patriotism is. Patriotism is defined by Mr. Webster as: love for or devotion to one’s country.


            Yes the Liberal who wants change is patriotic. So is the Conservative who wants to stay the course. We all love our country. You would have to be completely bonkers not to see the world around us and know we have got something great going here. We also have to be keenly aware of what is going on, or others will certainly take what we have away from us; and that threat for America right now comes from both within and from without. And to not care if we lost what we all hold so dear, would be the most un-patriotic act of all!


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