Time in Boomertown

             The new Bomertown web page tells me that, “Every 7 & 1/2 seconds someone in this country someone turns 50.”  I quickly learned other articles, that there are around 78 million Boomers in America and the vast majority of them are, “Computer friendly!” So when I went looking for places on the web nine or ten months ago to use as references for my Boomerang Blog, I was disappointed in how little I found geared to our ideas and interests. But oh, things have started to change. As you can see, in this article regarding the importance of targeting Boomers on the web, we are suddenly a hot market!

            There is a video you should see when you go to (rezoom.com) that pretty much pats you on the back for being who you are. Getting to this point in your life is quite the accomplishment. Granted when you put one foot in front of the other everyday it happens, but all kidding aside, you don’t get acknowledged in such a positive way that very often.  

            We can blame some of that on the fact that we are firmly ensconced in the Bowling Alone Generation and enamored as we have been with technology a lot of us have yet to fully dabble in what it has to offer. Add to that, that this being alone, is not all we thought it was going to be and that we are a market on the verge of breaking out you can see the potential for developing web sites geared to the things we care about. That means finding people interested in what you and I like. I dare say we have all found ourselves chatting with someone in their early twenties and thirties and suddenly found yourself being looked at as if they have no idea what you are talking about and can appreciate communicating with others who share your history.

              On (multiply.com) you can connect with friends who share your ideas, post recipes, pictures and share stories from days gone by. At (eons.com) you can join popular groups that share your interests and never leave the confines of your own living room.

              If our market truly consists of 78 million boomers, roughly three times the number of teenagers out there splashing around the web, in face book and the likes, we should expect to see a lot more for us on the web. And not just the offer to buy clothes and fishing poles either.  So put that offer to join the AARP off to the side of the desk for a while and go see what is out there for you. You like to read, find a rare site that offers a book from a long ago author you lost touch with (any one looking for a Richard Brautigan?). You want to go on vacation? Take a virtual tour of the room or condo you might be considering. It is all out there. To get you started click on this site and follow some of the leads. And good luck. If you find a great site; share back.


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