Time in black and white

             Most of us enjoy reminiscing about the old days. There is a certain security in looking to the past and knowing that although it might not have been exactly what we remember, we at least survived. For most of us when it comes to the past, the edges seem to fade and putting it all together is like trying to remember the holes in a piece of Swiss cheese we just ate! We know they were there, but in what order?

            What you do recall of the past however is pretty much in black and white. Yeah I got married in November and had Tuna for dinner last Thursday. You tend to forget you only had Tuna for dinner because you forgot to by spaghetti on the way home or November wasn’t your first choice because the caterer was not unavailable in October. Thinking about this and watching the President give a speech the other night, an idea regarding time came to me. What would happen if all of our time was, like his, just a black and white issue? Can you imagine a world in time, where not only the past was in black and white, but so was the present and future.

            That means the next decision is made solely on what you know and you feel right now. History or outside influences are non existent. Outside influences like “because,” and “you have to remember this happened when we did that before,” don’t count. And of course in all decisions there is no going back. You wouldn’t if you could, and besides you don’t need too! All decisions you make are final. No second guessing or worrying because you did the right thing. After all here; Time is a black and white issue.  

            What a strange world it will be when we are either right or wrong. When we live in a time irresponsible of chance or innuendo we live in a world where there is no satire, no implying one thing and saying another and above all no choices. No looking for the hidden meaning, because number one, there isn’t any and number two you wouldn’t understand the difference if you could.

            I am sure you can come up with some of your own implications of living in a black and white world. If you do, please share. But all and all, what a strange time it would be.


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