Time in intervals

             Interval timing is as natural as time on your watch. You know when you have been at work long enough. You also know when its time to got to bed and get up. You have a natural sense of how long things should last. Granted marriages and visits from relatives have times of their own, but in general we all know how important timing can be to the things we do. 

             I was reminded of this last week, as the drive up ice cream stores started to close. We have two locally. One stays opens all year and the other is open from May 1st to Sept 15th. The latter makes all his money when the sun shines it warmest and closes promptly on schedule as if he was a state ran swimming pool. The former stays open all year. People like to eat ice cream all year this businessman figures so he stays open and takes his chances with the snow! The other goes to Florida. That is why we call it a free country!

            If you think of government you can also see interval timing. Some officials are elected on four year terms. Others two, and six year terms respectively. Each knows what they have to get done in their time. Sadly the two year elected seem to be always running while the four year elected take one year to get staff all lined up, two years to do something, and the fourth year to run again. The six year elected seem to be the only ones with the ability to make things happen. As voters however we don’t generally look at government in intervals. We look at it as what is it doing for us. Unfortunately our needs don’t run according to which administration is office and what happens in the real world tends to overlap our governments intervals.  

             Our problems end up either being created by one and handled by another or fixed by one only to be screwed up by the next. Regan got credit for the hostage release while the previous administration did the work. Or Clinton tightened the belt and built up the supply and then Bush spent it! But that is the way interval timing plays out in politics!

              Yet as consumers of government we need to be aware that our Constitution and our Bill of Rights are not on interval timing routes. The idea that whoever gets elected can craft and interpret their jobs and our laws according to their own agendas is anarchy from within. The use of signing statements and attorney generals to rubber stamp administration polices to covert laws accordingly is a very dangerous road to go down. There is no interval for the loss and regaining of rights. People have fought too hard, scarified too much for us to ever think the word; “inalienable” is on interval timing!


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