Time for more fish; not

           Mercury is a great name for a planet, but not for a food additive. You of course know it as the stuff we used to find in thermometers; before scientist realized how dangerous it was. In today’s toxic soup world, next to lead painted toys, exposure to mercury is right up there as a major no-no for kids or expectant parents. So it should not come as no surprise to you if you have it in your food chain you need to make changes in your food choices

            I first came across the ills of Mercury when fighting hazardous waste incineration in East Liverpool Ohio. It turns out good incineration vaporizes mercury and puts it into the air as well as  thoroughly mixes it into the incinerator ash; making the burning of most non toxic products into vary hazardous waste ash. Most of the lakes in Florida are contaminated with Mercury from that states garbage incinerators. We get our daily dose of mercury here in Pa from a lot of sources, but the most prominent being our coal fired incinerators. King coal is everywhere! Doubt if you see or hear any mention of Mercury when you see those great commercials telling you how important coal is in your life.


            My sudden interest in Mercury though is spawned by the government report out last week encouraging women who are pregnant to go out and eat their fair share of  fish and that it is okay now to get you’re your Omega 3’s that way. Now did I miss something here? Did the Oceans get cleaned up last week? Did Mercury suddenly stop falling from the sky onto the lakes and waterways? No. I didn’t think so. What happened is that a group of scientists, in part sponsored by people who sell fish for a living, did a study that says fish eating is not a source of Mercury you should worry about? In fact one of the doctors in the study, Patricia Roman is quoted in the Washington Post as sayng “”fish intake in pregnancy has never been linked with Mercury toxicity” in fetuses or newborns!” I don’t know about you; but that solves it for me!


            Some might say it’s just good science versus bad science. No matter what the side anyone can find a scientist to pay to agree with them. But we are not talking about the safety of lawn furniture here. This is the life of your unborn child or grandchildren. Given all that is known about Mercury, is this really the time to go out and have an extra Swordfish Dinner, because a new report says you can? In one of the best book you will even read, Theo Coburn writes in Our Stolen Future, “ that in the last fifty years synthetic chemicals have become so pervasive in the environment and in our bodies that is no longer possible to define a normal, unaltered physiology..” We don’t even know what right is suppose to look like anymore!


            Adding more Mercury to your diet would almost seem like an absurd idea.  No, I would have to say it seems exactly like an absurd idea. Guess it depends on how hungry you are for fish!

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