Time peeking around the corner

             Psst.. Big Daddy has problem. Daddy being Uncle Sam. You see, he has a mistress and her name is China and she wants to go off and do some work on her own. In fact she has plans to set up shop around the world taking care of other countries just like she has been taking care of Daddy and Daddy is clueless about it!

            Now don’t go getting all upset. Most of us in the family have known about China for a long time. She takes care of the production of all the stuff Big Daddy’s friends need to take care of without the cost of unions, environmental pollution controls and research and development fees. China now gets the best dresses right away, you might say!   It’s a relationship that has worked pretty well since Mexico and Japan raised their prices.

            Sure it all started innocent enough. At first she was willing to do anything and Daddy was glad to oblige her. Of course he looked the other way when the locals got upset with her and she had to put them back in line. But now that all of her people have gotten bit by the, “we gotta have Satellite TV, digital players, and cars,” all seems to be working out.

            So what is the problem? Well, China is now working in Korea, Japan, Sudan, most all of Africa, and South America and is the best friend of Venezuela, Bolivia, and Peru!! She is making deals with Iran and Syria and anybody else looking to make some dough. But she has a plan. You see, she will build roads and develop infrastructure anywhere and then after some nice kickbacks to the right people, takes all of the host countries raw materials and manufacture them for them; back in China. If you thought the World Bank used to wave a big stick, you should see what China does.

            Her policy is no politics, just business. Human rights violators, insurgents, political juntas are all welcome. China is also buying oil reserves and building pipelines so that her factory floors are kept running long after ours have filled with dust! In fact some countries are given interest free loans of billion of dollars just to get the work. It is just business.

            Meanwhile Daddy is fighting away against terror and spending billions on a war that at best will end up in draw. He doesn’t talk to rouge nations and feels embargoes’ work when things get out of line. Hello? What in the world are we going to do to get him to wake up, before it’s too late?  I’m reminded of that young lad in the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” who tells Mr. Potter, that if he doesn’t wake up pretty soon, he will soon find himself a job with George Bailey!!

                                                                        (…….to be continued Friday)


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