Time owning a problem

            Imagine awakening up in beautiful Santa Barbara California and looking out toward the ocean and seeing a yellow haze. Yes, California has some of the strictest air pollution laws in the nation and has come a long way cleaning up its air. But this haze is not from cars or California. It’s from China. Massive dust storms originating in the Gobi dessert are now affecting California air. And if you thought President Bush could double talk around environmental problems, check this out!  I have a bumper sticker that says we live down stream; and we do!  China’s problem or ours?

            This year alone we have sent millions of dollars worth of toys back to China,     (or somewhere) because they were painted with lead. What happened to them? If they went to a landfill, it’s only a matter of time until that lead leaches out and becomes part of someone’s food chain. If they were burnt, that lead is in the air you are breathing now. China’s problem or ours?

            Earlier this year cough syrup laden with glycerin was sent too many countries in Central and South America. Hundreds were effected and at least seventy people died and many more severely incapacitated from drinking; plastic. Counterfeit medications are flooding the market around the world. International companies going for price are either being duped into believing that which they buy is authentic or complicit and part of the problem, knowing full well if it’s that cheap; the product is questionable. That includes everything from asthma medications to cardiac medicines to ED medications! China’s problem or ours?

            There are no unions in China. There are very few environmental groups. There are stringent laws on their books against counterfeiting, yet the enforcement of those laws is weak.Chinas problem or ours?

            There is a constant flow of American businessmen en route to China to do business.In their brief cases are the latest R&D works of their companies ready to help the Chinese make the products for their American companies, quickly and efficiently.That R&D developed here in America, paid in many instances with American Tax dollars and Tax Breaks, fed directly to the competition. Chinas problem or ours? 

            China burns a lot of coal to make energy and keep its factory floors running. That coal has turned the skies dark and air foul. China’s problem or ours?

            It’s a global market and we have embraced it with open arms. The cheaper the better and if anyone gets hurt because of a product we support and buy, we claim ignorance. We didn’t make it.  China’s problem or ours?

                                                                        (Monday wrap up)


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