Time in flashcards

          If like me you listen to Television as much as you watch it, as of late you have seen a lot. In this world of sound bites and flash cards, you can learn a bundle about us, Americans; just by keeping your eyes open.  

          Like how America honors it bravest heroes. Last night on the Nightly News, a young Navy Seal got the Congressional Medal of Honor for valor in Afghanistan. Just the picture told me that, he believed in what he was doing and that somewhere in his head he was fighting for what was right and for America and for me. I also know enough about war to tell you the safety of those around him was of more concern than any political or patriotic issue. That concern cost him his life.         

         Seconds later I saw Putin shaking hands with the bad guys. A hand shake for the entire world to see. Not one of those ends of the finger tip handshakes you do when no on cares, but the firm grasp of the hands and then reaching out with the other hand while holding your whole arm handshake. It was the kind of hand shake that said in no uncertain terms, “I like the way you think, we are going to go far.” That handshake scared a lot of people.       

          Moments later I saw the Dali Llama being jostled into a room to meet with the President. No pictures. No show of hands. No official government types smiling. No photo in the Rose Garden; just the Dali Llama being ushered out of a car surrounded by security. It appears that China would be upset of any public display of support for this man of peace. Seems last week Turkey did the same to Congress over a World War 11 genocide issue, they carried out against the Armenians. That picture said we don’t know who we are anymore.    

        And almost without skipping a beat, the camera had me looking at a bullet riddled burnt out Toyota, that Blackwater; our American outsourced Security Company had put out of commission along with the two women driving it. Now years ago the idea that they shot women would have been enough to convince me it was bad, but as this war goes, women children old or young are all potential combatants. That flashcard truly told me war is hell, for everyone.         

         We are constantly bombarded by advertisements to get us to buy this and that. Accordingly some work, because we buy a lot of stuff. We are also constantly bombarded by pictures of what it means to be who we. They did a happiness factor survey on Americans a couple of weeks ago and it seems in general we are a pretty happy people. I guess most aren’t watching the same stuff I am!


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