Time going green

          America really should have been named Texas. I mean after all, few if any of us do anything on a small scale. Our desire to get the climate back and working like it did when we were younger, is no exception.    

          Sure you have some folks who think everything is fine. Lucky for us all we have an ever growing base of those that don’t. For those who think everything is hunky-dory well, they remind me of the people who were re-arranging chairs on the Titanic as it was going down.    

        In general most Americana seem to be suddenly aware that things are not so right climatically. Al Gore won the Nobel Prize for letting the world know its getting warmer! Given the fact that the deserts of the world are growing at an alarming rate and that water not oil is going to become the newest price per barrel we are concerned about, should be a sobering statement on the necessity to start thinking greener!

          Looking out the window and seeing sunny skies, balmy seventy degree temperatures here at the end of October should be a real clue, things are not right. I mean after all this is Pennsylvania. Where are the first cold fonts? The leaves haven’t even started to change color yet!    

        Yesterday was green day in the blogosphere! Hundreds of people were writing about how they are going green and provided lots of ideas on how you can go green too. All of the major networks have run feature stories in the last few months on what you need to do to go green so there are great stories you can view by going to any of their web sites.. And while some of the ideas have been less that earthshaking at least we are thinking about it. Most take simple ideas and make them work for real people, like this easy list of 15 ways to go green. Many other green Bloggers can be found here if you are interested as well.  

         All start with the basic idea that we are wasting away this planet and that we had better get our act together. The threat of seas warming, polar caps melting, and dust storms blowing across Ohio are all real threats, that sadly only get attention when they happen. It doesn’t help that government for as long as I can remember has given little credence to the fact that we sit on the shore of impending disaster either.       

           Only now are scientist coming out of the closet and admitting that things don’t look so good. You can attribute that to the fact everyone likes to be on a winning team I guess. 


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